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ShipCompliant Helps Brewers Navigate New Market Label Registrations

ShipCompliant Helps Brewers Navigate New Market Label Registrations

This is a sponsored post from ShipCompliant by Sovos

It was just 5-10 years ago that America began experiencing the great resurgence of craft beer, which eventually lead to more than 4,000 breweries for the first time since Prohibition. Now those scrappy start-ups have begun maturing into formidable brands that have already, or are looking to expand beyond their local roots.

When it comes time to expanding a brewery’s distribution footprint, getting the beer to its new destination is just one piece of the puzzle.  To begin with, in order to sell packaged alcohol products across state lines, the Alcohol and Tobacco Trade and Tax Bureau (TTB) requires certificates of label approval (COLAs) for each individual brand of beer a brewery packages. This means that every time a brewery decides to release a seasonal or specialty beer in cans or bottles, they’re required to navigate the registration process once again to make that sale possible across state lines.

Additionally, each state has its own set of local liquor liquor laws as well and often require additional registration to remain compliant. Some of those states even require separate label requirements while others simply accept the aforementioned COLAs. However state liquor laws vary so drastically, that navigating what’s required in each individual state can be more taxing than actually brewing the beer.

Luckily our friends at ShipCompliant offer a Market Ready service to help simplify label submissions and other compliance processes. Their cloud-based tool:

  • Simplifies label research and facilitates product and brand label registrations
  • Serves as a central repository for all compliance data
  • Makes it easy to securely store all COLAs, brands, registrations, distributors, territories, licenses, and approval statuses, as well as manage distributors at the state and territory levels
  • Is user-friendly: visual, logical, and easy-to-use

ShipCompliant’s automated Market Ready service can help to simplify the registration process, keep you up-to-date on compliance requirements in real-time, and eliminate the burden of navigating the multitude of varied state laws when entering a new market.

Whether you’re prepping to release new fall seasonals like Marzëns or dare we mention pumpkin beers, or planning a market expansion, or wanting to make a splash in Denver during GABF this year, ShipCompliant’s Market Ready service is available to help emerging breweries. Start by requesting a demo or check out their website.

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