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Flatirons Soap Works Gives Beer Lovers Another Way to Incorporate Beer in their Lives

Flatirons Soap Works Gives Beer Lovers Another Way to Incorporate Beer in their Lives
Karen Mills

Being able to support small businesses, especially ones that pertain to beer, is a large part of the craft industry. Adam and Katie of Ale Adventures shared some of their favorite beer brands and products and we’ve shared some products beer lovers would enjoy as holiday gift ideas. So, as we approach the holiday season, it’s only fitting that we highlight Flatirons Soap Works, a Colorado-based small business that is well integrated into the beer community and whose product allows beer lovers to further incorporate beer into their lives.

Jerilyn Kutter started the business back in 2017 after she was laid off from her corporate world job. With her severance package and a creative drive in hand, she and her freshly retired mother started creating these fun products that are infused with what we all love: beer! As a small business owner, Kutter enjoys partnering with other small businesses to create her products. She’s partnered with local Colorado breweries such as Something Brewery, Grimm Brothers, Ska Brewing, Horse & Dragon and many more. She’s also partnered with local cidery, Stem Ciders, to create artisan soaps as well.

When asked, “Why soaps?” Kutter said, “So many soaps are not really soaps: They are detergent bars and are harsh and not kind to skin. We make soap in a manner that has been used for centuries.”

She continued, “We have our own unique twists but are very true to the traditional qualities of soap making. Other commercial personal care products are filled with chemicals perhaps not meant for prolonged use. We make our foaming bath butter, whipped body butter, bath bombs and bubble products from scratch using so many fewer ingredients and paraben-free preservatives.”

Flatirons Soap Works artisan soap
Photo Credit: Flatirons Soap Works

In crafting these products, Kutter is able to use exercise her creativity quite a bit. She’s able to make seasonal products, which include snowmen bath bombs and gift sets, as well as do a lot of “R&D” testing with small-batch products. She also shared that not only is this a fun way to incorporate beer into other aspects of your life, there are added benefits from using beer soap (although it shouldn’t take the place of medically prescribed products).

Added Benefits from Beer Soap

  • Beer contains Vitamin B and other essential vitamins that aid in moisturizing and repairing dry, inflamed skin.
  • The hops in beer contain skin-softening amino acids, which soothe irritated skin.
  • The brewer’s yeast in beer acts as an antibacterial agent, which is great for combating acne.

Flatiron Soap Works products span soaps, lotions, bath melts and bath bombs to products for pets. They’ve created an artisan bar soap for your furry friends as well as a dry shampoo and deodorizer for the times between baths when they may get a little stinky! As a family business, they’re making sure all members of the family are included.

With the ability to create so many different products, Kutter always has something in the works.

“Currently we have two items we are testing – Shower Bombs and Liquid Bubble Bath,” she shared. “Many of our “on-the-go” do not have time to luxuriate in the tub with bath bombs and bubble bath – thus the need for Shower Bombs. Kids (and some adults) still love bubble baths and we are working on a fun liquid version that is quicker and easier to use than our solid bubble bath products.”

With so many products, it was tough for Kutter to pick out just one favorite. She said, “Each new item we make is our favorite! We do love making beer soap and creating a product that reflects the spirit and scent of the beer used to create the soap. The centerpiece of our product line is, of course, beer soap. Beer is a somewhat tricky twist to the soap-making process that we have worked to master.”

In addition to these products, they also offer related accessories such as beer soap holders.

Flatirons Soap Works Making the Artisan Soap
Photo Credit: Flatirons Soap Works

From a business standpoint, it’s exciting to see small, family businesses thrive.

“2019 was a transitional year. We sharpened our focus as to what products we liked to make and we loved to sell. We streamlined our product line to primarily brew-related products,” Kutter said. “In 2020, we will continue this focus, increase our wholesale accounts and visit more Beer Fests. We love our beer fest customers and enjoy interacting with, and creating for, them.”

Needless to say, it’s always a great time seeing Flatirons Soap Works at various beer fests and local events. If you’re still shopping around for the beer lover in your life this holiday season, or for a special occasion down the road, these products from Flatirons Soap Works will surely add a special twist.

Feature Image Photo Credit: Flatirons Soap Works

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