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2020 Big Beers Belgians & Barleywines Pour List & Can’t Miss Beers

Big Beers Belgians & Barleywines 2019

Throughout my years of visiting breweries, attending beer festivals and covering the industry, one thing has become abundantly clear, Coloradoans are spoiled when it comes to beer. This assertion is none more evident than the collection of talent that’s assembled each year at Big Beers Belgians and Barleywines and this year’s 20th anniversary pour list is no different.

Over the past 20 years, Big Beers has grown to become one of the country’s premier holistic beer festivals. Stemming from organizers Laura and Bill Lodge’s passionate approach toward curating the best talent, while also going above and beyond in ensuring the best attendee experience, Big Beers has come to capture the essence of what it takes to throw the ultimate beer lover’s weekend, ranging from a star-studded cast of brewers to an elite level lineup of beers, intimate brewers dinners, premier educational seminars, other extracurriculars like beer & this year’s 20-year Reunion event, all to the backdrop of some of the most stunning mountain vistas and world-class skiing resort.

Big Beers Festival 2017 Persika Photography

Before we dive into this year’s list, it’s important to note that this is just a preliminary look at what’s most likely to be poured at the festival and that all beers and breweries are subject to change. With that in mind, let’s touch on what we’re most excited about.

Tickets are Still Available for the 2020 Big Beers Belgians and Barleywines Festival

Big Beers, as the name would indicate, continues the trend of barrel-aged Stout-heavy fests. However, what is most exciting about several of this year’s entries, is the emphasis on blending different types of barrels to yield a more complex resulting beer. Such is the case with WeldWerks Medianoche Premier Vol. 1, which includes aging the beer in a variety of bourbon, apple brandy, brandy, rye, and Jamaican rum barrels, and Burns Family Artisan Ale LawHammer Solar Eclipse which begins in Laws Whiskey Barrels and is then finished in Deerhammer Single Malt Whiskey barrels, or Boulevard’s Brandy Land, which sees time in both apple brandy casks and bourbon barrels.

Other intriguing Stouts involve familiar collaborations, such as Cellarmaker Brewing Ocean of Storms, which is a collaboration with the prolific Horus Aged Ales, Work From Work, Outer Range’s collab with Cerebral, and Thrillerzzz from Mikerphone Brewing, which was made in collaboration with Forager Brewery.

Amalgam All Becomes Void
Photo by Justin Graziano, @BeerBreathCO

More within the Stout category that we’re excited to try include, Alvarado Street’s Dark Libations #2 Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with vanilla, coconut, and macadamia nuts, Amalgam’s Festival Suit, a Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with coconut, chocolate, pecan, and vanilla, Du Hast Cake from Wiley Roots, and pretty much everything from Transient Artisan Ales, who will be making their Big Beers debut with three variants of their F— Barrel-Aged Imperial Cream Stout, along with a pair of Wild Ales and a Barrel-Aged Barleywine. Kane Brewing which has been a long-time leader in barrel-aged Stouts is bringing Anniversary Ale 2922, a Blend of Barrel Aged Stouts and Porters with bourbon vanilla beans and cinnamon, Highland Park Brewery is bringing 504, a Barrel-Aged Neapolitan Imperial Stout with a touch of cinnamon, heaps of cacao nibs, strawberries, and vanilla. And after all the success Knotted Root has had in hazy IPA’s we’re curious to try their first Stout release in Precious Birthday Fudge.

Side Project Brewing Big Beers
Side Project co-founder, Cory King (right) Photo by Justin Graziano, @BeerBreathCO

However our all-time can’t miss within this category remains Side Project’s Beer : Barrel : Time.

Moving on to the Strong Ale / Barleywine category, Sam Adams has become a perennial must-visit as the fest for Triple Bock and Utopias. This year’s Utopias is even more intriguing as it was aged in Aquavit, Carcavelos, and Ruby Port barrels and finished in Cognac and Madeira. While we typically rave about Rowley Farmhouse Ales for their wild/sour program, we’ve been dying to try Body Isn’t Life, their Barleywine collab with Pipeworks since we got a sneak preview in the tank while visiting them over the summer. Another Barleywine collab we’re excited to try is Cerebral’s collab with Fort George, Cosmic Vertigo. 

External Events Round-Up for 2020 Big Beers Weekend

Liquid Mechanics, who have been quietly slaying the clean barrel-aged game for some time is bringing Pocket Full of Shells, a Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine with Toasted Coconut and Vanilla. And two breweries who’ve really been picking it up as of late in the specialty beer game who we’re excited for are, Ska Brewing and their Old Fashioned, a cocktail-inspired barrel-aged Strong Ale, and New Image for, Wood, their Barleywine aged in Spanish Cedar.

Big Beers Festival 2017 Persika Photography

On the wild and sour end of the spectrum, I’ve learned to trust in the more reliable producers. As such the immediate standouts include, Jester King Brewing, who will showcase Spon Syrah & Sangiovese, Casey Brewing & Blending who will have 10 entries including Vanilla Jammy, Leaner, and Funky Blender Preserves – Raspberry & Cherry & Vanilla. Culture Beverage will make their Big Beers debut as a distributor to bring a pair of gems from 3 Fonteinen. We’re also excited to dive further into Fremont’s Black Heron Project series with their Virtue foeder-aged Golden Sour.

I’ve also learned never to sleep on Atom Brewing, who will be bringing their 3 Year Anniversary Blend. This year, Black Project is bringing Skyhawk, a rum and gin barrel-aged blended Wild Ale with raspberries. We’re also intrigued by newcomers The Referend Brewery and their Mont Sainte-Victoire, their Spontaneous Saison aged in Rosé and Pinot Noir barrels before refermentation on fresh white peaches for an additional six weeks. We’re always excited for Wiley Roots‘ Funk Yo Couch series and this year’s Double Citra Double Galaxy Funk Yo Couch is no different. And you cannot miss Westbound & Down’s Metaberry + Cognac and Vanilla, which we named one of the best beers of 2019.

Speciation Artisan Ales Mendelian Inheritance Denver Rare Beer Tasting
Photo by Tristan Chan

A few rising breweries who can’t be missed in the category include Primitive Beer, continue to wow each with each and every release, they’ll be bringing Shibbleshabble and Harbored in the Fuzz, which are both can’t miss spontaneous beers. Peter Bouckaert’s Purpose Brewing will make their Big Beers debut with Smoeltrekker #061, a Dark Barrel-Aged Saison with Cinnamon, toasted marshmallow, graham cracker, and plum flavors. The aforementioned Rowley Farmhouse Ale will have Cote d’Or – Pinot Noir, a Pinot Noir Barrel-Aged Wild Ale conditioned on honey, and virtually everything from Speciation Artisan Ales will impress but we’re most excited about Allopatric, a Sour Ale Aged in Wine & Mezcal Barrels with Frontenac Grapes, and Mutation Meltdown, a Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged Dark Sour w/ coffee, vanilla, cocoa nibs & orange zest.

Tickets are Still Available for the 2020 Big Beers Belgians and Barleywines Festival

And finally, in the catch-all category of hoppy beers & Lagers, Cellarmaker has an intriguing entry in Ancient Idols, a Helles lager co-fermented with whole cluster Vermentino grapes, as does Three Barrel Brewing, who is bringing Savvy, a Rum Barrel-Aged Coconut Lager. On the topic of unique barrel-aging, Bootstrap Brewing is already underrated when it comes to their Wreak Havoc Imperial Red Ale, but they’re bringing a version that’s been aged in a PX Sherry/Bourbon Barrels.

Brittany Portman & Ryan Kilpatrick Fiction Beer Co Big Beers
Photo by Justin Graziano, @BeerBreathCO

We’re excited to try Fiction Beer Company’s Fan Fiction, collab with CO:NE IPA & Hazy Haze, a local Facebook group dedicated to Colorado hazy IPAs. And don’t sleep on Mash Labs, who we named as one of the best rising breweries in Colorado, will have both their Imperial Crispi Boi Pilsner and Double New England IPA.

External Events Round-Up for 2020 Big Beers Weekend

And now your full 2020 Big Beers Belgians and Barleywines Pour List

(Special thanks to Sami Hartman for her work in creating this pour list)

Brewery NameBeer NameDescriptionABV
14er BrewingBrut Double Mt. Massive IPABrut Double IPA dry-hopped with El Dorado, Mosaic and Azacca.10
14er Brewing2019 Russian Imperial StoutWhiskey Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with ancho chili's, coffee, and cacao nibs.11
14er BrewingDouble Cask Russian Imperial StoutRIS aged for 9 months in Colorado Single Malt barrel, then finished in Bear Creek Wheated Bourbon cask for an additional 2 months. 12
14er BrewingDouble Cask Coffee Russian Imperial Stout with CoffeeGreen natural process Ethiopian coffee beans were aged in Bear Creek Bourbon barrels for several months then the coffee was roasted and added to Russian Imperial Stout, that was barrel finished in the coffee barrel.12
14er BrewingBrut BrettathonBear Creek Wheat Whiskey Barrel Aged: Brut Double IPA & Kettle Sour Blend fermented with a house three strain Brettanomyces blend.7.5
21st AmendmentMonk's BloodDark Strong ale aged with Figs, Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Oak8.3
21st AmendmentLower De BoomAmerican-style Barleywine11.5
21st AmendmentThere's Money in the Cocoa Banana StoutImperial Milk Stout8
4 Hands Brewing CoBarrel Reserve Single OriginBourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout.11.5%
4 Hands Brewing CoSecret HandshakeBarrel-aged Imperial Stout with boysenberries10.50%
4 Hands Brewing CoMadagascar Coconut and CacaoBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout with coconut and cacao nibs9%
4 Noses Brewing CompanyJazz LoungeBlend of Koelship inoculated, wine barrel fermented witbier and foeder-matured golden sour ale. 7.7
4 Noses Brewing CompanyToasted Coconut BMFBarrel Aged Imperial Stout with Toasted Coconut11.50%
4 Noses Brewing CompanySomething Hip2018 Wild Ale brewed with Roussanne grapes and aged in a Roussanne Barrel5.80%
Accomplice Beer CompanyPilz CzarGerman-style Pilsner5
Accomplice Beer CompanyResolution BreakerCollaboration with Great Divide Belgian Dubbel with Caliente Hops7
Accomplice Beer CompanyKrimson KingImperial Amber Lager7
Accomplice Beer CompanyBurro BuckerDouble Imperial IPA with Mosaic and Simcoe Hops9.3
Accomplice Beer CompanySol Dance WheatBelgian Witbier5.4
Alaskan Brewing Co.Imperial BockImperial Bock12.5
Alesong Brewing and BlendingTerroir: Pinot GrisWine grape-matured farmhouse ale. Freshly pressed 2016 Pinot Gris juice from King Estate Winery was added to this farmhouse ale to co-ferment in French oak.7.10%
Alesong Brewing and BlendingRhino Suit: RaspberyA blend of rich imperial stouts co-fermented with Oregon-grown raspberries and matured in freshly emptied bourbon barrels.11.10%
Alpine Dog Brewing CoDyatlov Pass IncidentBourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout12.6
Alpine Dog Brewing CoFrench Toast "Dyatlov Pass Incident"Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout conditioned on Cinnamon, Vanilla beans, and Maple12.6
Alpine Dog Brewing Co100% That PeachBelgian Style Tripel fermented with Peaches and Marsanne Wine Grape Juice9.5
Alpine Dog Brewing CoChardonnay BA "Ski Naked"Brett Saison aged in Chardonnay Barrels6.9
Alvarado Street BreweryAnniversary No. 5Heaven Hill, Four Roses bourbon & Woodford Rye whiskey barrel-aged Imperial Stout15%
Alvarado Street BreweryDark Libations No. 2Imerial Stout Aged in Bourbon & Maple Syrup Barrels16.4%%
Alvarado Street BrewerySharky WatersEnlgish Barley Wine aged in Cognac Barrels. Collaboration with Horus Aged Ales14.50%
Alvarado Street BreweryChop N ScrapeBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout with Vanilla13.00%
Alvarado Street BreweryMotor Oil No. 6Imperial Stout with Peanut Butter and Chocolate11.00%
Alvarado Street BreweryDark Libations # 2Rum barrel-aged Imperial Stout with vanilla, coconut, and macadamia nuts18.00%
AmalgamTable TableTable Beer fermented and aged in oak puncheons, dry-hopped with Citra & Mosaic. 3.30%
AmalgamGin PyramidsGin barrel-aged Saison with apricots5.20%
AmalgamFestival SuitBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout with coconut, chocolate, pecan, and vanilla13.80%
Angry James BreweryAngry Buffalo Bourbon DreamBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Brown Ale brewed with chocolate malt, a touch of Mexican Coffee. 9.5%
Angry James BreweryNorwegian FarmhouseSaison with Kviek yeast7.60%
Artisanal Imports - Cuvee de NoelCuvee de NoelSpiced Strong Ale9.00%
Artisanal Imports - Cuvee Prestige '17Cuvee Prestige '17Flanders Red7.60%
Artisanal Imports - KwakKwakStrong Belgian amber ale8.40%
Artisanal Imports - OmerOmerBlond8%
Artisanal Imports - QuadrupelQuadrupelQuadrupel10.00%
Artisanal Imports - RodenbachRodenbach ClassicFlanders Red5.2
Artisanal Imports - RodenbachRodenbach FruitageFlanders Red with Cherries and Elderberries4.2
Artisanal Imports - Tripel KarmelietTripel KarmelietTripel Karmeliet is a classic golden Belgian Tripel with a distinct character from the use of three grains.8.40%
Atom Brewing Company3 Year Anniversary BlendMixed culture ale, aged 1,2 and 3 to create this blend. Bottled conditioned for 6 months..6.5%
Atom Brewing CompanyAtom's AppleBarrel aged Wild Ale blended with apple juice6.50%
Atom Brewing CompanyKriekBarrel aged wild alerefermented on three pounds per gallon of Montmorency cherries.7.00%
Avery Brewing Co.Imperial Stoutwork OrangeBourbon and whisky Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with orange peel, cacao nibs, and cardamom.15.7%
Avery Brewing Co.Rocky Mountain OlsonsSmall batch, brewery-only release is a Bourbon Barrel Aged treat with milk chocolate malted milk balls. 16%
Avery Brewing Co.Old GrumblerRun barrel-aged Old Ale17.20%
Avery Brewing Co.Pear of PeachesDouble IPA9%
Baere Brewing CompanyBaere-liner WeisseTraditional Berliner Weisse. Soured overnight with our hour lactobacillus culture and mixed-culture fermented in stainless steel with the culture and yeast.4.3%
Baere Brewing CompanySaisonHouse Saison fermented with a French Saison yeast and a mis of Brettanomyces5%
Baere Brewing CompanyFrambruinBarrel-aged Sour Brown with Raspberries7.40%
Baere Brewing CompanyBecause 7 8 9Hazy IPA w/ El Dorado, Azacca & Idaho 7 hops. Party.7.00%
Baere Brewing CompanyFordi Seven Åtte NiHazy IPA fermented with Kweik yeast and hopped w/ Idaho 77.00%
Ballast PointVictory at SeaVintage 2018 High West Whiskey barrel aged Imperial Coffee/Vanilla Porter12.2%
Ballast PointSour WenchSour Ale with Blackberries7%
Barrel + BeamTerre a TerreA French sourced, classically styled saison. 6.5%
Barrel + BeamGolden PartagerBarrel-aged Brett Saison7.50%
Barrel + BeamStar Plum StoutOat-stout soured in rum barrels and aged on plums7.50%
Barrel + BeamNorthwoods HospitalityFrench oak wild ale finished on pineapple, Montmorency cherry and midget raisins.11.20%
Barrel + BeamTerre MagiqueWild Saison with blackberry and black currant7.70%
Barrel of Monks BrewingFather ChristmasSpiced seasonal Winter Ale.10%
Barrel of Monks BrewingParade of Souls 2019Imperial Stout10.20%
Barrel of Monks BrewingDen of SinsBourbon barrel-aged Belgian Imperial Stout11.50%
Barrel of Monks BrewingRockin' MonkDark Strong9.00%
Barrel of Monks BrewingGrand CruGrand Cru
Beachwood Brewing & BlenderyFunk YeahGueuze inspired beer that is blended once each year using carefully selected barrels ranging from 1 to 3+ years old.6.50%
Beachwood Brewing & BlenderyWe Are Who We Pretend to BeGueuze-inspired, 100% Spontaneously Fermented6.60%
Beachwood Brewing & BlenderyFunk Yeah RaspberryGueuze-inspired W/ Raspberries6.20%
Beachwood Brewing & BlenderyMocha MachineImperial Coffee Chocolate Porter9.20%
Beachwood Brewing & BlenderyDouble GatorDouble IPA with Mosaic9.50%
Bell's BreweryVanilla Black NoteVanilla Stout aged in bourbon barrels.11.30%
Bell's BreweryExpedition StoutRussian Imperial Stout.10.50%
Black Bottle BreweryToo Many QuadsBpurbon barrel-aged Belgian Style Quadrupel with Tart Cherry.11.5%
Black Bottle BreweryAngry ElfBourbon barrel-aged American Strong Ale brewed with brown sugar, maple syrup, cinnammon, molasses, and honey10.40%
Black Bottle BreweryImperial Coconut BrownImperial Brown Ale brewed with coconut9.20%
Black Project Spontaneous and Wild AlesSkyhawkA rum and gin barrel aged blend wild ale with raspberries.7%
Black Project Spontaneous and Wild AlesBrand CygnusMT Lambic inspired ale blended with Montmorency and Balaton cherries.7.68%
Black Project Spontaneous and Wild AlesExperimental 5Barrel Aged Golden Sour6.50%
Blackberry Farm BreweryBarrel Series 001Oak-aged Belgian-style pale ale blended with young American pale ale.7.20%
Blackberry Farm BreweryBeans of the Stone AgeRobust Coffee Porter7.80%
Blackberry Farm BreweryEn Honneur de ToiImperial Saison8.20%
Blue Moon RiNoBarrel-Aged Russian Imperial StoutImperial Stout aged in a combination of Wheat Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, and Bourbon barrels for 8 months keg conditioned since 201712
Blue Moon RiNoLuxe Imperial KriekImperial Sour aged in LAWS Rye Whiskey barrels for over a year, then conditioned on fresh Colorado cherries for another 6 months9.7
Boggy Draw BreweryMACH_VImperial Porter brewed with Maple Syrup, Almonds, Cinnamon, Honey and Vanilla beans.10%
Boggy Draw BreweryElkspresso StoutCoffee Stout7.20%
Bonfire BrewingGood BoyBlack & Chocolate malts; infused 48 hours with Madagascar vanilla beans. Peanut butter flavoring added in secondary.9%
Bonfire Brewing10w80Barrel-aged Imperial Stout10%
Bonfire BrewingKilt DropperScotch Ale7.50%
Bonfire BrewingColonel's StashBarrel-aged Rye Ale10%
Bootstrap BrewingPX Wreak HavocImperial Red Ale aged in a PX Sherry/Bourbon Barrel8.50%
Bootstrap BrewingZeus!Imperial Stout14.00%
Bootstrap BrewingSalted Caramel Nut PorterPorter with Salted Nut Rolls and Sea Salt7.00%
Bootstrap BrewingShackin’ Up WreakKriekBlend of Imperial Red and Cherry Kriek7.00%
Boulevard Brewery / Duvel USASmooth FuzzBelgian-style ale aged in oak barrels and foeders for up to 36 months. Fermented with house lactobacillus and Brettanmyces cultures and rested on whole apricots prior to bottling.8%
Boulevard Brewery / Duvel USAPlaid HabitDouble-mashed imperial brown ale aged 18 months in freshly drained 10-year Canadian rye whisky barrels.13.9%
Boulevard Brewery / Duvel USABrandy LandDouble mashed imperial stout aged 12 to 24 months in apple brandy casks and bourbon barrels.12.50%
Brasserie D'Achouffe / Duvel USACherry ChouffeBelgian Brown Ale, with cherries.8%
Breckenridge BreweryHolidaleWhiskey barrel-aged Christmas ale10.50%
Breckenridge BrewerySpiced Winter AleSpiced Winter Warmer8.00%
Breckenridge BreweryImperial Vanilla PorterRum barrel-aged Porter with vanilla12.50%
Breckenridge Brewery472 Double IPADouble IPA9.00%
Brewery Ommegang / Duvel USADouble Barrel DubbelAbbey Ale aged for six months in a mix of bourbon and brandy casks.9.90%
Brewery Ommegang / Duvel USASaisonztraminerFarmhouse saison blended with Gewurztraminer grape juice.6.70%
Brewery Ommegang / Duvel USAThree Philosophers: Blueberry CoffeeBlend of quadrupel and Belgian Kriek, brewed with both blueberries and coffee.9.70%
Broken Compass BrewingImperial Coconut PorterA bigger, bolder take on our wildly popular Coconut Porter. ~10% and bursting with coconut flavor blended with smooth chocolate malts. 10.5%
Broken Compass BrewingSnow-blindDouble IPA brewed with a grip of Centennial, and an enormous dry hop of Chinook, Amarillo, and Mosaic. 8.20%
Broken Compass BrewingBarrel Aged Belgian Golden Strong AleMerlot barrel-aged Belgian Golden Strong10%
Broken Compass BrewingBarrel Aged Fabulously Delicious Finely HoppedBarrel-aged Imperial StoutTBD
Brooklyn BreweryBlack Chocolate StoutWinter’s Bane. Firebuilder. Garrett Oliver’s “résumé beer.” The Big One. Whatever you call it, never fail to recognize the power and elegance of the legendary Black
Chocolate Stout.
Brooklyn BreweryK is for Kriek (2015)Kriek - finished with Brett and Champagne Yeast10.10%
Brooklyn BreweryBlack Ops (2016)Barrel Aged Imperial Stout11.60%
Bruz BeersWolken TripelTripel9.50%
Bruz BeersSèrènètè Grand CruQuad13.20%
Bruz BeersHellraiserStrong Golden Ale12.50%
Bruz BeersCurrant Sèrènètè BarriqueWhiskey barrel aged Quad with black currants13.60%
Bruz BeersWhakStrong, amber Belgian-style ale9.2%
Bruz BeersThe ReindeerKveik Saison5.00%
Bruz BeersThe QueenSaison5.50%
Burns Family Artisan Ales LLCLawHammer Solar EclipseLawHammer Solar Eclipse is a 19.5% ABV Russian Imperial Stout. Barrel-aged first in Laws Four-Grain Bourbon Barrels then in Deerhammer Single Malt Whiskey barrels.19.50%
Burns Family Artisan Ales LLCPetit JetePetite Saison4.50%
Burns Family Artisan Ales LLCAuld Lang SyneBrandy Barrel Aged Barleywine16.50%
Burns Family Artisan Ales LLCShow Don't TellTripel9.9%%
Canarchy - Cigar City BrewingMarshal ZhukovRussian Imperial Stout11.8
Canarchy - Perrin BrewingCaesar's GimpImperial Red Ale fermented with Cabernet Sauvignon grape juice aged in California Merlot oak wine barrels.13.2
Canarchy - SquattersTropical Hop RisingDouble IPA9
Canarchy - WasatchDevastatorDoppelbock8
Cannonball Creek Brewing CompanyChain ShotDubbel7.7%
Cannonball Creek Brewing CompanyMachairodusImperial Stout10.8
Casey Brewing and BlendingVanilla JammyOur collaboration with Side Project. We took a few barrels of Jammy and added whole Madagascar vanilla.7%
Casey Brewing and BlendingFunky Blender Preserves - Peach and RaspberryBarrel-aged sour with raspberries and peaches7%
Casey Brewing and BlendingRaspberry Casey Family PreservesBarrel-aged sour with raspberries6%
Casey Brewing and BlendingFunky Blender Preserves - Raspberry & Cherry & VanillaBarrel-aged sour with raspberries, cherry, and vanilla7%
Casey Brewing and BlendingBourbon East Bank Preserves - Cherry & VanillaBarrel-aged sour blended with cherries and vanilla6.50%
Casey Brewing and BlendingLeanerCollaboration with Side Project. Sour ale blended with peaches7%
Casey Brewing and BlendingFunky Blender Preserves - Plum CuveeThis is a blend of our favorite plum beers we made from the 2019 harvest. Contains Laroda and Elephant Heart plums, Pluots and Benton cherries. 7%
Casey Brewing and BlendingFunky Blender Preserves - Laroda PlumSour Ale with Laroda plums7%
Casey Brewing and BlendingRum Barrel Aged East Bank/Biere de GardeRum Barrel-aged blended ale6.50%
Casey Brewing and BlendingFirst SoloSour Ale6.00%
Cellar West Artisan AlesFarmer's BreakfastSour Imperial Stout with Lactose, Coffee, & Maple Syrup10
Cellar West Artisan AlesSpecial Herbs Vol. 2Saison aged in oak barrels with wild yeast and aged on lavender6.5
Cellar West Artisan AlesFeed Your HeadBrett Saison dry hopped with Mosaic & Ekuanot9
Cellarmaker BrewingVastness of SpaceImperial Stout9.8%
Cellarmaker BrewingVastness of Space - LatteStout with Coffee & Lactose9.8
Cellarmaker BrewingStrawberry OblivionOak-aged Sour Blend with 800 lbs of Strawberries added.6.5
Cellarmaker BrewingAncient IdolsHelles lager co-fermented with whole cluster Vermentino grapes.5.5
Cellarmaker BrewingBeer/ Wine HybridBeer/ wine hybrid co-fermented with wine must8
Cellarmaker BrewingOcean of StormsCollab with Horus Brewing. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout14
Cerebral BrewingVanilla Sled GodCollaboration with Horus Aged Ales. Imperial Coffee Stout with Jamaican Coffee aged in whisky barrels for then conditioned it on 1.5lbs of Ugandan vanilla beans13%
Cerebral BrewingCoconut Sled GodCollaboration with Horus Aged Ales. Imperial Coffee Stout with Jamaican Coffee aged in whisky barrels with 25lbs of toasted coconut per barrel13.10%
Cerebral BrewingCommon AncestryOak Aged Sour with Nectarine and Apricot5.50%
Cerebral BrewingCosmic VertigoCollaboration with Fort George. Barrel-aged Barleywine.12.50%
Cerebral BrewingScam Likely - StrataSingle hopped Strata Double IPA8.50%
Cerebral BrewingInternational WatersFoeder Pilsner5.50%
Chain Reaction BrewingScotch Barrel-Aged Belgian Rye StoutImperial Stout aged for over 1 year in Scotch barrel10.5%
Chain Reaction BrewingBelgian Rye StoutImperial Belgian Stout8.50%
Chain Reaction BrewingPink Peppercorn SaisonClassic Saison that is brewed with pink Peppercorn, coriander and a touch of honey malt7.30%
Chrysalis Barrel Aged BeerThe HunterTraditional Saison aged in neutral oak barrels with a house mixed culture for six months aged on200 lbs of freshly picked Local, Organic, whole Bing Cherries for an additional 6 months. 5.9
Chrysalis Barrel Aged BeerOud BruinOud Bruin aged in neutral oak barrels with our house mixed culture for 12 months.5
Chrysalis Barrel Aged BeerSour Chamomile SaisonTraditional Saison aged in neutral oak barrels with a house mixed culture and Chamomile flowers.4.9
Crooked Stave Artisan Beer ProjectGift of TimeImperial Stout Aged in Heaven Hill & Angel's Envy Bourbon Barrels for 3 Years13.8
Crooked Stave Artisan Beer ProjectAdambierDortmunder Sour Altbier Aged in Bourbon Barrels9.2
Crooked Stave Artisan Beer ProjectNightmare on Brett Aged in Leopold Bros Whiskey BarrelsDark Sour Ale Aged in Leopold Bros Whiskey Barrels9.6
Crooked Stave Artisan Beer ProjectSerenata Notturna Aged in Laws Secale Rye BarrelsBelgian Style Golden Sour Ale Aged in a Single Laws Secale Rye Barrel12
Culture Beverage - 3 FonteinenOude Geuze Armand & GastonBlend of one-, two-, and three-year old traditional lambics.5.5%
Culture Beverage - 3 FonteinenOude KriekKriek6%
Culture BeverageLa Saison D'EpeautreSaison6.80%
Culture Beverage - De RankeCuvée De RankeLambic Blend7.00%
Culture Beverage - De RankeKriek De RankeKriek7.00%
Culture BeverageTaras BulbaBitter Blond4.50%
Dead Hippie BrewingGunbarrel GoldenBelgian Style Golden Ale8.56
Dead Hippie BrewingEstimated>EyesBelgian Style Triple9.56%
Dead Hippie BrewingDead Dubbel DBelgian Style Dubbel7.43%
Deep Ellum Brewing CompanyDream CrusherDouble Imperial IPA9.5
Deep Ellum Brewing CompanyFour SwordsBelgian Quadruple aged in Cabernet red wine barrels for over a year10.5
Deep Ellum Brewing CompanyWealth & TasteGolden Strong Ale that begins in fresh American oak barrels, matures in French chardonnay oak barrels, and finishes fermentation with Texas-friendly Viognier white wine grape10.5
Deep Ellum Brewing CompanyWhite IPAWhite IPA with Summit, Callista, and Ekuanot hops7.8
DESTIHL BreweryDosvidanya BourbonBourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout12.5%
DESTIHL BreweryBourbon Barrel Aged QuadrupelBourbon barrel-aged Quad11%
DESTIHL BreweryDosvidanya Vanilla RyeRye barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout12.5%
DESTIHL BreweryDosvidanya Mexican ChocolateBarrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout12.50%
Dillon DAM Brewing co.Chocolate Oatmeal Imperial StoutBourbon Barrel- Aged Imperial Stout.
Dillon DAM Brewing co.Bourbon Barrel aged BarleywineBourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine hopped with Simcoe and Glacier12%
Dillon DAM Brewing co.Colorado Spruce Tip Double IPADouble IPA with Colorado Spruce Tips, Citra and Simcoe Hops7.50%
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery75 MinuteIPA with maple syrup and Cascade hops7.50%
Dogfish Head Craft BreweryEastern SeaboardWild Ale aged in red and white wine barrels with blackberries and plums7.20%
Dogfish Head Craft BreweryWorld Wide StoutImperial Stout15 - 20%
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery120 MinuteImperial IPA15 - 18%
Dry Dock BrewingGueuzePro-am version of Torre Ahlberg's Best of Show entry from 2019 Big Beers Homebrew competition made with Alan Simons at Dry Dock Brewing. This beer was brewed for entry into the Pro-am category at the 2019 Great American Beer Festival.6%
Dry Dock BrewingCoconut Bligh's BarleywineBarleywine aged in whiskey barrels with coconut added11.50%
Dry Dock Brewing2017 Bligh's BarleywineBarrel-aged barleywine10.50%
Dry Dock BrewingImperial StoutBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout12.50%
Ecliptic BrewingSedna TiramisuWhiskey barrel-aged stout with vanilla, coffee, and chocolate11.5%
Ecliptic Brewing2014 Barrel-Aged Orange GiantBarrel-Aged Barleywine13.80%
Ecliptic BrewingBarrel-Aged Ecliptic + Belmont Station BarleywineBourbon barrel-aged barleywine12.00%
Ecliptic Brewing2016 OortBourbon Barrel-aged Stout12.10%
Ecliptic BrewingPhaser Hazy IPAIPA6.50%
Eddyline Brewing CompanyBarrel-Aged Java StoutBarrel-Aged Stout9%
Eddyline Brewing CompanyEpic Day Double IPADouble IPA10%
El Rancho Brewing CompanyDon't Be Russian When Putin On Your PantsRussian Imperial Stout aged in a Creekside Winery French Oak barrel for three months14
El Rancho Brewing CompanyOl' RanchoEnglish-style Old Ale8.4
El Rancho Brewing CompanyValhallaFinnish style Sahti aged in Gin Barrels8
El Rancho Brewing CompanyQuadcoreBelgian Dark Strong Ale11
Elevation Beer Co.Signal de BotrangeImperial Saison.10%
Elevation Beer Co.False SummitBuffalo Trace Bourbon Barrel Aged Quad11.10%
Elevation Beer Co.Oil ManBuffalo Trace Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with Coconut10.80%
Epic Brewing CompanyBig Bad BaptistRich and roasty Imperial Stout and age it in flavorful Whiskey Barrels before adding copious amounts of artisanal coffee and real cacao nibs.11.5%
Epic Brewing CompanyBig Bad BaptistaImperial Stout with Mexican Coffee, cacao nibs, cinnamon and vanilla added, and 100% aged in whiskey barrels11.50%
Epic Brewing CompanyBig Bad Baptist - Chocolate RaptureWhiskey Barrel-aged Chocolate Stout with Coffee and Vanilla added11.50%
Epic Brewing CompanyChasing GhostsDouble Dry Hopped New-England Style IPA10.00%
Epic Brewing CompanyBrainless RaspberriesBelgian Golden Ale brewed with raspberries9.50%
Fiction Beer CompanyZemblaBaltic Porter aged in freshly emptied Laws Whiskey barrels9
Fiction Beer CompanyFan FictionHazy Double IPA8.00%
Fiction Beer CompanyZembla w/ a TwistBaltic Porter aged on Vanilla, Marshmallow, Cinnamon, and Cocoa9.00%
Fifty West Brewing Co10&2Oak aged Aled Barleywine12.5%
Fifty West Brewing CoD.V.SImperial Stout with Brown Sugar11.50%
FiftyFifty BrewingEclipse: Salted CaramelOur Imperial Stout brewed with caramel aged in Bourbon and Salt barrels12.8
FiftyFifty BrewingEclipse: Rye CuveeOur Imperial Stout aged in a blend of rye whiskey barrels12.80%
FiftyFifty BrewingSam's FizzAn Imperial Kolsch brewed with lemon, lime, and lactose aged in gin barrels. This is our take on a gin fizz cocktail9.70%
FiftyFifty BrewingMalbec Old DigsBarleywine aged in Malbec barrels. Collaboration with Urban Root8.70%
FiftyFifty BrewingBARTBART is a blend of some really fantastic beer that has been aging in bourbon barrels. This beer is Barrel Aged Really Tasty12%
Firestone Walker Brewing CompanyViolet UndergroundWild Ale made with golden raspberries and candied violet petals and partially fermented with native yeasts shared by our friends at Wild Beer Co. in Somerset County, England.5.50%
Firestone Walker Brewing CompanyTequila SunriseTequila Barrel-Aged Cocktail Inspired Blended Ale12%
Firestone Walker Brewing CompanyOld ManHattanBlended ale aged in bourbon, cherry, orange and aromatic bitters barrels9.60%
Firestone Walker Brewing CompanyFeral OneAmerican WIld Ale6.50%
Flying Dog BreweryThe TruthImperial IPA8.7%
Flying Dog BreweryDouble DogDouble IPA12%
Flying Dog BreweryGonzo Imperial PorterImperial Porter10%
Founders Brewing CompanyMás AgaveImperial Lime Gose brewed with agave and sea salt.10
Founders Brewing CompanyKBS EspressoBourbon Barrel-Aged Stout with Espresso12
Four Peaks Brewing CoSiriusImperial Stout with licorice root and cold-brewed Monsooned Malabar coffee aged in freshly emptied bourbon barrels.13.8%
Four Peaks Brewing CoHopsquatchBarleywine11.00%
Fremont BrewingBrew 3000Barrel-aged English-style Barleywine13.20%
Fremont BrewingBourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star: Chocolate, Vanilla, Maple SyrupBarrel-aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout with chocolate, vanilla, and maple syrup.13.10%
Fremont BrewingCoconut Edition B-BombImperial Winter Ale, aged in bourbon barrels, with toasted coconut13.20%
Fremont BrewingHouse SaisonSaison6.30%
Fremont BrewingVirtueFoeder aged Golden Sour from our Black Heron Project5.0%
Gilded Goat Brewing CompanyBelgian QuadA blend of two batches that have been aged in California Cabernet barrels for 8 months and 18 months, making a complex beer with rich overtones of malty sweet flavors, Cabernet wine, and banana esters. You'll pick up flavors of dried cherries, raisins, plums, oak, red wine, and spice, with a sweet finish.10.5
Gilded Goat Brewing CompanyGrisetteGrisette aged on French White Oak6
Gilded Goat Brewing CompanyBordeauxn'tFlanders Red Style Ale aged in Bordeaux barrels7.4
Glenwood Canyon Brewing CompanyKing's RowBourbon barrel-aged Baltic Porter10%
Glenwood Canyon Brewing CompanyCarbonatorDopplebock10%
Glenwood Canyon Brewing CompanyCasey Brewing & Blending - Collaboration WitWitbier4%
Glenwood Canyon Brewing CompanyBlack Diamond Imperial StoutRussian Imperial Stout8%
Goose Island Beer Co.Bourbon County Stout: 2-Year ReserveBourbon barrel-aged stout14.9%
Goose Island Beer Co.Bourbon County Stout: Reserve RyeRye barrel-aged Imperial Stout14.50%
Goose Island Beer Co.Bourbon County: Double Barrel StoutBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stotu18.00%
Goose Island Beer Co.Bourbon County: Café De Olla StoutBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout with coffee13.50%
Grand Teton BrewingBlack CauldronImperial Stout brewed with plenty of caramel and roasted malts and subtly spiced with Cascade and Super Galena hops.9.5%
Grand Teton Brewing2014 Coming Home Holiday AleBelgian Quad10%
Grand Teton Brewing2015 FarmhouseRed win-barrel aged Farmhouse Ale11.50%
Gravity BrewingCoal KriekBelgian-Style Abbey/Dubbel w/ Tart Montmorency Cherry6.5
Gravity BrewingMendaciousBelgian-style Golden Strong Ale8.1
Gravity BrewingOlde GravitatemEnglish Strong Ale8.1
Gravity BrewingAccelerationDouble IPA with Amarillo, Centennial & Cascade Hops9.8
Gravity BrewingHawt DangMexican-Style Bock7.9
Great Divide Brewing CoYeti: Mexican ChocolateYeti Imperial Stout with spices and vanilla.9.5%
Great Divide Brewing CoYeti: Barrel-AgedBarrel-aged Imperial Stout12.50%
Great Divide Brewing CoSour Cherry QuadBarrel-aged Belgian Quad with Cherries9.50%
Great Divide Brewing CoGreat Divide/ Ska CollabBelgian Table Beer5.00%
Grimm Brothers BrewhouseOne Eye Two Eye Three Eye GoatBavarian style Doppelbock10.1
Grimm Brothers BrewhouseMagic MirrorImperial Köttbusser11
Grimm Brothers BrewhouseOld Brown ShoeEnglish Old Ale9.2
Guanella Pass Brewing COSoured Dark SaisonDark Sour Saison6%
Guanella Pass Brewing COBourbon Barrel-Aged Belgian QuadBarrel-aged Quad10%
Guanella Pass Brewing COFlander's Style RedFlander's Red6%
Guanella Pass Brewing COBelgian Golden StrongBelgian Golden Strong8%
Gunbarrel Brewing CompanyTruth HurtsWoodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel-Aged Dark Strong Ale12
Gunbarrel Brewing CompanyTell Me LiesBeglian Style Quad12.50%
Gunbarrel Brewing CompanyLaVeauReserve Blend: Sour Barrels, Spontaneously Fermented Barrels & BBA Imperial Stout on raspberries10.00%
Gunbarrel Brewing CompanyCleo's Reserve 2019Rum Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout aged on mango, papaya, guava, and coconut.10.80%
Gunbarrel Brewing CompanyImPearedImperial Hefeweizen fermented with loads of Gunbarrel resident Klare Black’s pears with a hint of cinnamon & nutmeg10.00%
Gunbarrel Brewing CompanyQueen of Tarts - 2019Oak-aged wild ale with cherries, lactose, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg9.50%
Highland Park BreweryGriffith J. GriffithImperial Stout with Ethiopian coffee from LA coffee roaster, Trystero Coffee.12.5%
Highland Park BreweryLazier SusanSour blond ale with peaches & nectarines from Matsumoto Family Farms.5.20%
Highland Park BreweryHigh 5 Blended Barrel Aged BeerBarrel aged & blended cake inspired 5th anniversary ale. Contains almond, vanilla, cinnamon, & lactose.12.80%
Highland Park BreweryCold Box Cool Ship Cherry100% spontaneously fermented beer with added Montmorency cherries.6.3%
Highland Park BreweryCold Box Cool ShipExperimental wild ale 100% spontaneously fermented.6.30%
Highland Park Brewery242 MPHImperial Stout with massive amounts of cherrywood & coconut. Brewed in collaboration with Horus Aged Ales.13.50%
Highland Park BreweryMore MaasImperial stout with lavender, orange peel, & coffee from LA roaster Trystero Coffee. Brewed in collaboration with Trystero.12.80%
Highland Park Brewery504Barrel Aged Neapolitan Imperial Stout with a touch of cinnamon, heaps of cacao nibs, strawberries, and vanilla. 10%
Highland Park BreweryBarrel Aged Late NightBarrel aged Imperial Stout with Trystero Coffee & coconuts.10%
Holidaily Brewing CompanyWeihnachtsbier Spiced LagerWinter spiced lager was brewed with Douglas Fir needles, orange peel and spices
Holidaily Brewing CompanyBoombastic Hazy IPAIPA7.10%
Holidaily Brewing CompanySanta's NightcapGluten-free Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout10.80%
Horse & Dragon Brewing CompanyDragonfireRye and Whiskey Barrel-Aged Stout10.10%
Horse & Dragon Brewing CompanyBlue GiantDouble IPA9.20%
Horse & Dragon Brewing Company5 Cheers RussianBourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout10.50%
Jackie O's BrewerySkipping StoneBourbon barrel-aged Belgian style Quad.13%
Jackie O's BreweryApple Brandy Barrel Brick KilnApple Brandy barrel-aged Barleywine11.40%
Jackie O's BreweryDark ApparitionRussian Imperial Stout10.50%
Jackie O's BreweryBrandy Barrel Black FallsBrandy and Bourbon barrel-aged porter13.50%
Jagged Mountain Craft BreweryGolden BrutImperial Golden Ale aged 12 months in Muscat barrels11.30%
Jagged Mountain Craft BreweryPallet PresentImperial Stout with Peanut Butter, Vanilla, Lactose and Salt10.00%
Jagged Mountain Craft BreweryThrow in the TowelRum Barrel Aged Belgian Quad11.00%
Jagged Mountain Craft BreweryWaffle StompGolden Barleywine with Belgian Waffles and Maple Syrup9.00%
Jester King BreweryEven More JeppeDry-hopped Barrel-Aged Sour w/ Elderflowers & Nelson Sauvin hops6%
Jester King BrewerySpon Syrah & SangioveseSpontaneous beer refermented with Syrah and Sangiovese grapes6.1
Joyride Brewing CompanySuspicious CircumstancesBaltic Porter8.5
Joyride Brewing CompanyYour Steps AloneChardonnay Barrel-Aged Brett Saison with Raspberries and Cherries6.4
Kane Brewing CompanyBarn Door: Barrel-AgedWIne barrel-aged ale conditioned on hibiscus and fresh citrus zest.8.6%
Kane Brewing CompanyAnniversary Ale 2922Blend of Barrel Aged Stouts and Porters with bourbon vanilla beans and cinnamon12.30%
Kane Brewing CompanyPicture in ReverseBourbon barrel-aged Old Ale12.80%
Kane Brewing CompanyLunchbox HeroImperial Stout with bourbon barrel-aged Vermont maple syrup, marshmallows, peanut butter, cacao, hazelnuts and vanilla beans.11.30%
Knotted Root Brewing CompanySpace and TimeUnfiltered Double IPA8.2
Knotted Root Brewing CompanyPrecious Birthday FudgeImperial Fudge Stout10%
Knotted Root Brewing CompanyDouble Vanilla DDH Thick Strawberry GooDDH Smoothie Style5.60%
La Cumbre Brewing Co.La NegraFour Rose Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout10.50%
La Cumbre Brewing Co.To the Nines-9th Anniversary AleBelgian-Style Dubbel with cherries.7.80%
La Cumbre Brewing Co.OriginDouble Dry-Hopped Hazy IPA8.50%
Lagunitas BrewingWillettized Stout 2017Rye Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout12.60%
Lagunitas BrewingSonoma Farmhouse Brett StoutBrett Stout11.30%
Lagunitas Brewing2015 Olde GnarlywineAmerican Barleywine10.90%
Lagunitas BrewingCherry Jane SourSour Ale with cherries5.50%
Lagunitas BrewingHazy MemoryHazy Double IPA8.00%
Launch Pad BreweryLauzonImperial Biere de Garde with clementine peel and long peppercorns.9%
Launch Pad BreweryTesseractRye and Bourbon barrel aged Baltic Porter10.50%
Launch Pad BreweryTransit of MercuryBurbon barrel aged Imperial Blonde Ale11%
Launch Pad BreweryMax QRed wine barrel-aged Quad10%
Launch Pad BrewerySoyuz - Bourbon Pecan PieRussian Imperial Stout with pecans, vanilla, brown sugar, and oak staves.9%
Launch Pad BreweryCozy ChristmasRussian Imperial Stout with coconut, vanilla, caramel, and coffee9%
Left Hand Brewing25+1Bourbon, Rye, Whiskey, Rum & Brandy Oak Barrel-aged Imperial Stout 14.50%
Left Hand BrewingFade to BlackExport Stout8.50%
Left Hand BrewingWake Up DeadImperial Stout10.20%
LIBERATI restaurant & breweryRecioto DenverisOenobeer Wine Imperial Stout Hybrid12.80%
LIBERATI restaurant & breweryThe Mighty OysterBelgian strong oyster oenobeer19.30%
LIBERATI restaurant & breweryVino VeritasTannic oenoquad16.00%
Liquid Mechanics BrewingCoconut AnarchyBourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout with Toasted Coconut, Chocolate, and Madagascar Vanilla Beans.12%
Liquid Mechanics BrewingMexican Chocolate Anarchy ProjectBourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout with Cinnamon, Ancho Pepper, Chocolate, Vanilla. 12%
Liquid Mechanics BrewingPurveyor of MayhemBourbon barrel-aged Quad
Liquid Mechanics BrewingLucid AFWest Coast IPA with Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo hops.7.50%
Liquid Mechanics BrewingRally Round The FamilyBourbon barrel-aged Barleywine12.50%
Liquid Mechanics BrewingPocket Full of ShellsBourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine with Toasted Coconut and Vanilla12.50%
Living The Dream BrewingFlanders Style Grand CruTraditional Flanders Style Sour Red Aged in Cabernet Barrels for 4 Years7.5%
Living The Dream BrewingArapahaze Double NEIPAIdaho 7 and Mosaic Dry Hopped Double Hazy IPA8.10%
Locavore Beer WorksQuadricornQuadrupel aged in Laws Bourbon and Rye barrels.14.40%
Locavore Beer WorksBlack PearlBurbon Barrel Aged Imperial Porter Breckenridge barrels11.90%
Lone Tree Brewing CompanyWee HeavyBourbon barrel-aged Wee Heavy10%
Lone Tree Brewing CompanyBelgian Pale AleBelgian Pale Ale5.9%%
Lone Tree Brewing CompanyTriple IPATriple IPA11%
Lone Tree Brewing CompanyHop ZombieImperial Red IPA9%
Loveland AleworksBourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial StoutBourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout13.5%
Loveland Aleworks2019 Brewer's Reserve Vanilla Bean Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial StoutBourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Tahitian vanilla beans14.50%
Loveland Aleworks2017 Tequila Barrel-Aged Sour AleTequila Barrel-Aged Sour Ale10.00%
Loveland Aleworks2020 Tequila Barrel-Aged Sour AleTequila Barrel-Aged Sour Ale9.00%
Loveland AleworksBrewer's Choice Barrel-Aged Sour AleBarrel-aged Sour Ale8.00%
Mad Fritz Brewing CoThe Goose That Laid The Golden EggSolera style saison refermented with Brettanomyces.7.70%
Mad Fritz Brewing CoLocal Origins Farmers AleSaison / IPA hybrid6.50%
Mad Fritz Brewing CoThe Birds and the BeastsCognac Barrel-Aged Barleywine10.20%
Mash Lab BrewingDouble New England IPAHazy Double IPA brewed with Simcoe, Amarillo and Mosaic 8.50%
Mash Lab BrewingDrive By NightSpirit Hound Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout11%
Mash Lab BrewingDrive By Night with VanillaSpirit Hound Whiskey Barrel Aged Imperial Stout with vanilla11%
Mash Lab BrewingBourbon Barrel Aged Belgian QuadBourbon barrel-aged Belgian Quad12%
Mash Lab BrewingImperial Crispi Boi PilsnerImperial Pilsner7%
Mash Lab BrewingCoffee Coconut Imperial StoutImperial Stout with coffee and coconut8.3%%
Merchant du VinWestmalle Trappist TripelTriple9.50%
Merchant du VinSamuel Smith Yorkshire StingoStrong Ale8.50%
Merchant du VinLindemans Cuvée RenéLambic5.20%
Merchant du VinLindemans StrawberryLambic4.10%
Merchant du VinTraquair House Jacobite AleStrong Ale8%
Mikerphone BrewingStrawberry Feels ForeverImperial Milk Stout with Vanilla, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Nibs, and Strawberries10.5
Mikerphone BrewingTechno GorillaImperial Stout with Molasses and Cinnamon10%
Mikerphone BrewingThrillerzzzImperial Stout with Vanilla and Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup (collab w/ Forager)12%
Mikerphone BrewingMy Name is MuddImperial Stout with Cookies and Cream Muddy Buddies, Oreo Cookies, and Cinnamon10.50%
Mockery BrewingAndrew's BrewRye whiskey barrel aged Imperial Red ale with a blend of 4 peppers and cacao nibs.8.40%
Mockery BrewingThe BaronessQuadruple12.30%
Mockery BrewingSolera #2Sour Ale6.40%
Mockery BrewingBlack Forest CakeStout aged in hot sauce barrels8.30%
Muckraker BeermakerFarmBijou 19Spontaneous pilsner/wheat beer fermented in a French oak puncheon and conditioned on raspberries5.50%
Muckraker BeermakerSussex Wild: Saison+SponWine barrel-fermented blended ale conditioned on second-use blackberries.5.00%
Muckraker BeermakerNettaBlended gin barrel ale with Nectarines5.50%
New Belgium Brewing Co.Where I Live A Norwegian-inspired, mixed culture sour ale brewed with local malt and local lavender. 6%
New Belgium Brewing Co.Le Terroir 2016Dry-Hopped American Sour Ale7.50%
New Belgium Brewing Co.AbbeyBelgian Style Dubbel7.00%
New Belgium Brewing Co.Honey Orange TripelBelgian Style Tripel with honey and orange10.00%
New Belgium Brewing Co.Transatlantique Kriek50-50 blend of Traditional Cherry Lambic and Foeder-Aged Sour Golden Ale6.20%
New Holland Brewing CompanyDragon's MilkBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout
New Holland Brewing CompanyDragon's Milk Reserve: Banana CoconutBourbon barrel-aged stout with banana, plantain, and cocout.11%
New Holland Brewing CompanyDragon's Milk Reserve: Oatmeal CookieBourbon barrel-aged stout with cinnamon, vanilla, raisins, and brown sugar.11%
New Holland Brewing CompanyNight TripperImperial Stout11.50%
New Holland Brewing CompanyPilgrim's DoleBarleywine12.00%
New Holland Brewing CompanyHoptronixDouble IPA9%
New Image Brewing CompanyWoodEnglish style Barleywine aged on Spanish Cedar12.5%
New Image Brewing CompanyDenomination of OriginImperial Stout with Vanilla12.50%
New Image Brewing CompanyThree HalvesBarrel Aged Imperial Stout with Coffee and Vanilla10.50%
Odd Breed Wild AlesEl CuateTequila barrel-aged Wild Ale refermented with organic blue agave.11.50%
Odd Breed Wild AlesNarrow Bandwidth of RealityWild French Oak Sauvignon Blanc barrels15%
Odd Breed Wild AlesCounter Cultural Colorations Double Barrel AgedDouble barrel-aged Strong Burgundyl aged in Italian Sangiovese puncheons before transferring into Jamaican rum barrels filled with organic Angelino plums.11.50%
Odd Breed Wild AlesBlended Dark Strong (2018)This Strong Dark Ale is a blend of 5 beers aged 11-30 months. Full bodied and luxuriously smooth with notes of cherries, plums, and dates leading to a tart, tannic finish.10.1%%
Odd13 BrewingThe Colorado KidHazy IPA featuring 100% Colorado grown ingredients7.2
Odd13 BrewingVillainous VicHazy Double IPA with Vic's Secret, Citra, and Azacca hops8
Odd13 BrewingCodename: HolidayfanHazy Triple IPA with Citra, Simcoe, and Ekuanot hops10
Odd13 BrewingCoconut Saint NewcoleImperial Stout Aged on toasted coconut10
Odd13 BrewingBlueberry Vanilla Intergalactic Juice HunterHazy Double IPA with Galaxy, Simcoe, and Amarillo hops and Blueberry and Vanilla8
Odd13 BrewingDDH HopperellaHazy IPA hopped with Centennial, Citra, Galaxy, and El Dorado then double dry hopped with Citra and El Dorado7
Odell Brewing CompanyBarreled TreasureImperial stout aged in both bourbon and rum barrels with added coffee.11.0%
Odell Brewing CompanyFriekBlend of raspberry and cherry sour ales with raspberries added.6.90%
Odell Brewing CompanyDDHDDH Imperial India Pale Ale with Chinook and Galaxy8.20%
Odell Brewing CompanyRuby BlissGrapefruit White Ale5.00%
Oskar BluesG'KnightDry-Hopped Double-Red IPA8.7
Oskar BluesDouble Can-O-Bliss IPADouble IPA8.2
Oskar Blues2017 Barrel-aged Ten FidyVintage Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout12.5
Outer Range BrewingDDH Leave a TrailIPA with Hallertau Mittelfrüh. Mosaic hops7
Outer Range BrewingWork From WorkCollaboration with Cerebral Imperial Stout with Marshmallows, Coconut, and Vanilla12
Outer Range BrewingTimber with VanillaBourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Vanilla14.5
Outer Range BrewingAtlasImperial Stout10
Payette Brewing CompanyTwelve GaugeRye barrel- aged Imperial Stout10%
Payette Brewing CompanyS'mores Twelve GaugeBarrel-aged Imperial Stout10%
Payette Brewing CompanyOrange Chocolate Twelve GaugeBarrel-aged Imperial Stout10%
Phantom Canyon Brewing CompanyWinston Smith's BarleywineBarleywine aged in fresh Colorado Single Malt Whisky barrels for 9 months.10.0%
Phantom Canyon Brewing CompanyThat BreadKvass4.30%
Phantom Canyon Brewing Company99 Red BalloonsImperial Red IPA9.90%
Pikes Peak BrewingGoldBelgian-inspired ale.8.70%
Pikes Peak BrewingAdAmAnSpiced Ale made with Cinnamon, Ginger, and Honey8.30%
Pikes Peak BrewingHot Sauce StoutStout aged in hot sauce barrels7.20%
Primitive BeerShibbleshabbleTwo-year old American Spontaneous blend5.1
Primitive BeerHarbored in the FuzzTwo year old spontaneous blend refermented on Colorado-grown Red Globe Peaches for for ten months and bottle conditioned for six months on local Alfalfa honey.6.2
Purpose Brewing & CellarsFloofed UpHeavy pilsner brewed with Andechs lager yeast with Barbe Rouge, Callista, and Huell Melon hops.8.3%
Purpose Brewing & CellarsSmoeltrekker #061Dark Barrel-Aged Saison with Cinnamon, toasted marshmallow, graham cracker, and plum flavors8.1
Purpose Brewing & CellarsSmoeltrekker #077Imperial Stout aged in Sour Barrels & Old Elk Bourbon Barrels13.5
Ratio BeerworksGenius WizardBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout12%
Ratio BeerworksGenius Wizard: Coconut VanillaBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout with vanilla and coconut.12%
Ratio BeerworksGenius Wizard: Maple PecanBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout with maple syrup and pecans12%
Ratio BeerworksGenius Wizard: Novo EspressoBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout with Cold Brew Espresso Coffee12.00%
Resolute Brewing CompanyDown with the ThiccnessWinter Warmer brewed with warming spices.8.5
Resolute Brewing CompanyImperial Vanilla Chai Brown AleImperial brown ale brewed with madagascar vanilla beans and chai spices.8
Resolute Brewing CompanyTequila Barrel-Aged Imperial SaisonImperial Saison aged for 6 months in Cazadores Tequila Barrels8.5
River North BreweryMr. SandmanBarrel aged Imperial Stout13.2%
River North BreweryGod ComplexBarrel-aged Quadrupel17.80%
River North BreweryNightmare FuelImperial Coffee Stout12.80%
Roadhouse BrewerySiren SongBelgian-style quadrupel.14%
Roadhouse BreweryMixed MagicTraditional Belgian style quadrupel co-fermented with Cabernet Sauvignon grape juice aged in first-use whiskey barrels.10.50%
Roadhouse BrewerySay What AgainA beer-wine hybrid composed of a 51% Belgian-style Tripel co-fermented with 49% rose grape juice and fermented 100% with champagne yeast.13.50%
Roadhouse BreweryBe GrizzlyGrisette with Wyoming rye fermented in a gin barrel with Kevik yeast.4.00%
Roadhouse BreweryAvarice & GreedStrong Ale9.00%
Rowley Farmhouse AlesCote d'Or - Pinot NoirPinot Noir barrel-aged Wild Ale conditioned on honey5.2%
Rowley Farmhouse AlesTea For TwoMixed fermentation saison made with earl grey tea5.30%
Rowley Farmhouse AlesBody Isn't LifeEnglish barleywine brewed in collaboration with our good friends at Pipeworks Brewing Company.11.50%
Samuel Adams BreweryUtopias 2019Bourbon barrel-aged Strong Ale then aged in Aquavit, Carcavelos, and Ruby Port barrels and finished in Cognac and Madeira finishing barrels blended with a touch of Kosmic Mother Funk ™ wild ale.28%
Samuel Adams BrewerySamuel Adams 1994 Triple Bock1994 Vintage Old Ale17.5
Samuel Adams BrewerySamuel Adams Amburana Imperial StoutImperial Stout is aged on Brazilian Amburana wood9
Sanitas Brewing CompanySanitas SaisonHouse Saison5.90%
Sanitas Brewing CompanyDeluge - 2019House Sour aged in White Wine barrels for 12 months.6%
Sanitas Brewing CompanyDeluge - 2016House Sour aged in White Wine barrels for 12 months.6%
Sanitas Brewing CompanyRaspberry DelugeHouse Sour aged in White Wine barrels for 12 months and then we added over 10 pounds of Raspberry.6%
Side Project BrewingBeer: Barrel: TimeNon-adjunct blend of Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stouts.
Side Project BrewingCoexpressionalism KriekFruited WIld Ale6%
Side Project BrewingBiere du Pays Blend #8Oak Aged Saison4%
Side Project BrewingRosé du PaysOak Aged Saison with grapes4%
Side Project BrewingTerroir Project Vidal Blanc 2018Oak-Aged Wine/Beer Hybrid8%
Side Project BrewingDerivationOak- Aged Imperial Stout15%
Sierra Nevada Brewing CoNarwhalBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout.11.9%
Sierra Nevada Brewing CoOvilaBarrel-Aged Abbey Dubbel11.40%
Sierra Nevada Brewing CoFantastic HazeHazy Double IPA9.00%
Sierra Nevada Brewing CoBigfootBarleywine9.60%
Ska Brewing Co.Old-FashionedA barrel-aged strong ale brewed with oranges and cherries aged in a 5 year single bourbon barrel.
Ska Brewing Co.Nefarious on LawsNefarious Ten Pin Porter Aged in a Laws Whiskey barrel.10
Ska Brewing Co.Ska-Great Divide CollaborationBelgian Table Beer3
Solemn OathLimousine of the TraitorsBarrel-Aged Blend10
Solemn OathManic Pixie EcowarriorEnglish-style Barleywine11
Solemn OathHug FightDouble Hazy IPA7.9
Solemn OathGoldmundHeaven Hill Barrel-Aged Stout10
Spangalang BreweryNightwalkerDry Imperial Stout.
Spangalang BreweryThird StreamTripel
Speciation Artisan Ales, LLCMagic TraitFoeder Aged Sour Ale w/ Blackberry, Blackcurrant & Blueberry.7
Speciation Artisan Ales, LLCMutational MeltdownRye whiskey BA dark sour w/ coffee, vanilla, cocoa nibs & orange zest.8%
Speciation Artisan Ales, LLCError CatastropheTequila barrel aged sour w/ prickly pear & roasted habanero6%
Speciation Artisan Ales, LLCAllopatricSour Ale Aged in Wine & Mezcal Barrels with Frontenac Grapes9%
Speciation Artisan Ales, LLCLanguage of OriginNew Image Collab - Gin Barrel Aged Sour w/ Strawberry, Hibiscus, Vanilla, Lemon7%
Speciation Artisan Ales, LLCOutcrossingSpontaneous Sour w/ Black Currant, Cherry, Ugandan Vanilla10%
Spice Trade BrewingSichuan SaisonThis Saison with Sichuan Peppercorns, Chinese 5 Spice & Orange Peel. 7.20%
Spice Trade BrewingThai TripelBelgian Tripel brewed with Kaffir Lime leaves, Lemongrass, Ginger & Coriander.9.20%
Stone BrewingFarking Wheaton W00tstout 2019Imperial stout with pecans, wheat, and rye. Partially aged in bourbon barrels.11.50%
Stone BrewingStone Espresso Totalitarian Imperial Russian StoutRussian Imperial Stout10.60%
Strange Craft Beer Company1000 BarrelsImperial IPA with Simcoe, Amarillo, and Summit hops 9
Strange Craft Beer CompanyLe Bruit du Diable Farmhouse AleFarmhouse Ale8.3
Strange Craft Beer CompanyDr StrangeLove BarleywineBarleywine12
Strange Craft Beer CompanyShackin' Up Wreak/KriekCollaboration with Bootstrap Brewing 2 parts Wreak Havoc Imperial Red, 1 part Cherry Kriek7.3
Surly Brewing Co.SEVIINBelgian-style Ale brewed with Rye, Oats and Wheat12.5%
Surly Brewing Co.XtraCitra Pale Ale4.50%
Surly Brewing Co.DarknessRussian Imperial Stout12%
Surly Brewing Co.2019 Old Fashioned DarknessRye Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with orange peel12%
Surly Brewing Co.2018 Rum Coconut DarknessRum Barrel-aged Imperial Stout with toasted coconut12%
Surly Brewing Co.2012 SmokeSmoked Baltic Porter8%
Surly Brewing Co.FIVERed wine barrel-aged Dark Sour7.50%
Surly Brewing Co.SYXStrong Ale15.00%
Telluride Brewing ComapnySleeper POW DayBarrel-aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout brewed with Espresso and Cocoa Nibs11.60%
Telluride Brewing ComapnyBatch 100Barrel-aged Barleywine10.40%
Telluride Brewing ComapnyGalloping Juice #1IPA with Cashmere Hop Terpenes7.60%
Telluride Brewing ComapnyGalloping Juice #2IPA with Mosaic Hop Terpenes7.60%
The Ale ApothecaryEl Cuatro: Cherry & Port BarrelPort barrel-aged WIld Ale with cherries10.56%
The Ale ApothecaryLa TacheBarrel-aged WIld Ale7.94%
The Bakers' BreweryBuzzbirdBlonde Ale with a hint of CO honey with a bit of fresh orange peel4.7
The Bakers' BreweryRye Brl. Winter Is ComingStrong Ale aged in 10th Mtn. Rye Whiskey Barrels8.5
The Bakers' BrewerySasquatch Scotch AleWee Heavy7.5
The BrueryBlack TuesdayBourbon barrel-aged imperial stout19.4
The BrueryMash & Vanilla (2019)Bourbon barrel-aged barleywine with vanilla13.70%
The BrueryThe ArchetypeBourbon and wine barrel-aged ale.14.60%
The BrueryBrazo BrazoBarrel-aged Sour with blackberries.8.50%
The Colorado Farm BreweryBatch #1Blonde Ale4.8%
The Colorado Farm BreweryBatch #2Saison6.20%
The Colorado Farm BreweryFarmhaus LagerGerman Style Strong Lager6.80%
The Colorado Farm BreweryFarmhaus PorterBaltic - Style Porter7.85%
The Colorado Farm BreweryBuckwheat StoutBlack English Stout10.50%
The Colorado Farm BreweryFarmhaus RauchSmoked Strong beer7.00%
The Rare BarrelPeach Crusin'Golden Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels with Peaches and Jasmine Pearl Tea7.20%
The Rare BarrelMap of the SunGolden Sour Beer Aged in Oak Barrels with Apricots7.70%
The Rare BarrelBlurred CsTTart Saison-Style Beer Aged in Oak Barrels with Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo Grapes7.50%
The ReferendBalbecSpontaneously fermented ale refermented with Malbec and "spent" blueberries in a single Hungarian oak red wine puncheon8
The ReferendLe DifférendGueuze aged one & two years in bourbon barrels7.7
The ReferendMont Sainte-Victoire (White Peach)Spontaneous Saison aged in Rosé and Pinot Noir barrels before refermentation fresh white peaches for an additional six weeks in stainless steel.5.5
Three Barrel BrewingSavvyRum Barrel Ages Coconut Lager Aged for 3 months. A dark lager, high alcohol aromas of rum and coconut.7%
Three Barrel BrewingMoradaDark, tart sour with hints of dried fruits. Bottle Conditioned ins 375ml in the tradition Oud Bruin6%
Three Barrel BrewingJasonLambic5.50%
Three Barrel BrewingTre' AnasazzA light sour ale brewed with Saaz hops. Bottle Conditions in 375 ml , Spritzy5.00%
Three Barrel BrewingJavameisterDark Sour with double shot of Single origin Sumatra Espresso that was roasted at Three Barrel.5.50%
Three Barrel BrewingMaple Brown ShoesStrong Honey Brown made with our Haefeli's Salt Cedar Honey6.8%%
Timnath BeerwerksRaspberry Wheat LagerRaspberry Strong Wheat Lager7.1%
Timnath BeerwerksImperial NEIPAImperial New England-style IPA with Citra and Galaxy Hops8.2
Timnath BeerwerksBelgian TripelBelgian Tripel7
Timnath BeerwerksLittle TankRussian Imperial Stout aged in Old Elk Bourbon Barrels for over a year16.4
Timnath BeerwerksCJ's Barley PartyEnglish Barleywine15.8
To Ol BeerFuck Art - This is ArchitectureBretted Table Beer or Belgian Pale Ale5%
To Ol BeerGoliat StoutImperial Coffee Stout10.10%
Transient Artisan AlesAbsinthe AnachronismSpontaneous Michigan Wile Ale aged in absinthe barrels6%
Transient Artisan AlesCherry AnachronismWild Ale6%
Transient Artisan AlesF--- WalnutMaple syrup bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Cream Stout with vanilla, black walnut, and cinnamon. 11.50%
Transient Artisan AlesF---Barrel Aged Imperial Cream Stout11.50%
Transient Artisan AlesParkerRye whiskey barrel-aged barleywine11.50%
Transient Artisan AlesF--- VanillaBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Cream Stout with vanilla.11.50%
Tröegs Independent BrewingImpending DescentBarrel-Aged Saison12
Tröegs Independent BrewingNugget NectarFresh hopped Imperial Amber7.50%
Tröegs Independent Brewing2018 Mad Elf Grand CruStrong Ale with Balaton Cherries11.00%
Tröegs Independent BrewingBourbon Barrel-Aged TroegenatorBurbon Barrel Aged Doppelbock9.80%
Tröegs Independent BrewingApricot FarmetteSaison finished in red wine barrels with apricots and peaches added7.40%
Two Roads Brewing CompanyTable TerroirDry, full-flavored table beer brewed with Connecticut grown malt and hops.3.70%
Two Roads Brewing CompanyRumBBLPassion Fruit Gose aged in Jamaican Rum Barrels8.20%
Two Roads Brewing CompanyTwo JuicyUnfiltered Double IPA8.2%%
Two Roads Brewing CompanyClementine GoseClementine Gose4.80%
Two Roads Brewing Company2019 Ruby Port Igor’s DreamImperial Stout aged in Ruby Port casks12.00%
Two Roads Brewing CompanyHexoticLambic with tropical fruit - mango, passion fruit, orange, guava, mangosteen, and guanabana.8.00%
Two Roads Brewing CompanySynopsis: Black CurrantBlack Currant Fruited Sour6.40%
UnibroueLa Fin Du MondeTripel9%
UnibroueTrois PistolesDark Belgian Strong9.00%
UnibroueA Tout Le MondeDry- hopped Saison4.50%
Upland Brewing CompanyBlueberryBlueberry is a wood-aged sour ale.6.80%
Upland Brewing CompanyRaspberryRaspberry Sour Ale6%
Upland Brewing CompanyPaw PawGolden sour ale7%
Upland Brewing CompanyKindredCollab with Paradox. Sour Ale8%
Upland Brewing CompanyGuavaWild Ale6%
Upslope Brewing CompanyBatch 1000Barrel-Aged Strong Ale17.50%
Upslope Brewing Company11th Anniversary Ale: Brandy Barrel Aged Imperial StoutBrandy Barrel Aged Imperial Stout17.10%
Upslope Brewing CompanyWild Christmas Ale with Colorado Plums2019 Wild Christmas Ale matured in oak casks before being racked onto more than 1,000 pounds of Colorado-grown red plums.
Urban Chestnut Brewing CompanyThrale'sStrong, intense, and complex Russian Imperial Stout 9%
Urban Chestnut Brewing CompanyNomadic ChaiForeign Extral Milk Stout with Black Tea & Spices8%
Vail Brewing Co.Haute RouteBourbon Barrel-Age Belgian Style Tripel brewed with grapefruit peel, rose hips, and hopped with Citra and Saphir.
Vail Brewing Co.ScienceHazy Double IPA7.50%
Vail Brewing Co.ARTHazy IPA6.50%
Vail Brewing Co.EdenBelgian Style Golden Strong aged in French red wine oak barrels with Colorado blue sage then bottle aged for over one year.10.50%
Väsen Brewing CompanySugarbearBelgian Quad aged in apple brandy and rye whiskey barrels.13.5%
Verboten Brewing and Barrel ProjectGrow Old With You: Double Oaked CognacEnglish Barleywine aged in bourbon barrels then on staves from Cognac barrels.
Verboten Brewing and Barrel ProjectDouble Oaked Blackberry Brandy Grow Old With YouBourbon/Blackberry Brandy barrel aged barleywine14.00%
Verboten Brewing and Barrel ProjectMocha Little NonsenseBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout with coffee, cocoa, and vanilla12.00%
Verboten Brewing and Barrel ProjectLittle NonsenseBourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout12.00%
Verboten Brewing and Barrel ProjectGoliat StoutAnnual Collab with Grosen Bart Brewery. Russian Imperial Stout aged in Hale and Bradford bourbon barrels with milk sugar and a blend of Kona and Colombian coffee.10.50%
Verboten Brewing and Barrel ProjectCherry Vanilla Mountain ManEnglish Strong Ale aged in bourbon barrels with dark cherries and tahitian vanilla beans.12.00%
WeldWerks Brewing Co.Mosaic Extra Extra Juicy BitsHazy Double IPA with a double dry hop of Mosaic8.6
WeldWerks Brewing Co.Citra Extra Extra Juicy BitsImperial Hazy IPA with Citra hops8.6
WeldWerks Brewing Co.Blueberry Pie BerlinerBerliner Weisse soured with lactobacillus then fermented clean with lactose, blueberries and a hint of graham cracker4.5
WeldWerks Brewing Co.PB&J BerlinerPastry Sour Berliner Weisse brewed with peanut flour, strawberry puree and milk sugar4.6
WeldWerks Brewing Co.Rye Vanilla MedianocheThe blend of Medianoche Imperial Stout selected from freshly emptied 10-year American oak rye whiskey barrels used to age Medianoche for 18 months. After 18 months of aging in the rye whiskey barrels, the beer was conditioned on copious amounts of Madagascar and Ugandan vanilla beans for over 3 months.13.9
WeldWerks Brewing Co.19-Month Medianoche 2019Imperial Stout was aged in 9-year bourbon barrels for over 19 months14.8
WeldWerks Brewing Co.Medianoche Premier, Vol 1.Blend of barrel-aged Imperial Stout aged in various bourbon, apple brandy, brandy, rye, and Jamaican rum barrels15.6
Westbound & Down Brewing Co.LouieRye barrel-aged English Style Barleywine12.0%
Westbound & Down Brewing Co.Westbound Double IPADouble IPA8.86%
Westbound & Down Brewing Co.Metaberry + Cognac and VanillaCognac barrel-aged raspberry sour ale with vanilla6.00%
WestFax Brewing CompanyBarrel-Aged Beta WaveImperial Stout Aged in Laws Whiskey House Bourbon Barrels10.1
WestFax Brewing CompanyBarrel Aged Tears of Our EnemiesScottish Ale aged 14 months in Breckenridge Bourbon Barrels7
WestFax Brewing CompanySpirit Guide IPAHazy IPA featuring Mosaic, Galaxy, and Simcoe hops6.1
Wetten Importers - De TrochFraiseStrawberry Lambic3.5
Wetten Importers - De TrochOude GueuzeGueuze5.5
Wetten Importers - De TrochPechePeach Lambic3
Wetten Importers - DubuissonScaldis AmberAmber Ale12
Wetten Importers - DubuissonScaldis Peche MelAmber Ale with Peach8.5
Wetten Importers - EggenbergSamichlaus ClassicBarrel-Aged Strong Ale14
Wetten Importers - Oud BeerselTriple Oak AgedQuadruple matured 16 months on wooden barrels previously containing Chateauneuf du Pape red wine10.5
Wetten Importers - Oud BeerselGreen WalnutLambic beer that matured in wooden wine barrels with green walnuts6
Wetten Importers - Oud BeerselSour Blend Grand CruTripel Sour Blend Lambic8
Wetten Importers - Oud BeerselOude Vieux LambiekSpontaneously fermented Lambic6
Wetten Importers - Oud BeerselOude Vieux FaroLambic with candi sugar added7.5
Wetten Importers - Oud BeerselRozen LambiekOne year old lambic infused with rose petals.6
Wetten Importers - Oud BeerselOude GueuzeGueuze6
Wetten Importers - Oud BeerselOude KriekKriek Lambic6.5
Wetten Importers - Straffe HendrikQuadrupelQuadrupel11%
Wetten Importers - Straffe HendrikTripelTripel9
Wiley Roots Brewing CompanyDu Hast CakeBourbon barrel aged German Chocolate Cake Imperial Stout brewed with cacao husk and coconut powder, toasted coconut and ½ lb per barrel of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans12%
Wiley Roots Brewing CompanyDouble Citra Double Galaxy Funk Yo CouchFarmhouse mixed culture Saison with Brettanomyces double dry hopped with Citra hops and double dry hopped with Galaxy hops5.50%
Wiley Roots Brewing CompanyTemporary Residents: Prescott ParadiseDouble barrel aged Wheatwine Ale collaborative with Wren House Brewing Company and Superstition Meadery.12%
Woods Boss Brewing CompanySecular MoralsBelgian Golden Strong aged it in second use red wine barrels with three different strains of Brett and then on two different years worth of Palisade Peaches.12.50%
Woods Boss Brewing CompanyWooden CompassImperial Stout aged on cherries in red wine barrels.15%
Woods Boss Brewing CompanyLe Petit DejeunerSaison5.3%%
Woods Boss Brewing CompanyAbove Tree LineTequila Barrel-Aged Tripel. Collaboration with Elevation.12%
Woods Boss Brewing CompanyTurpid MoralsMixed Fermented Belgian Golden Strong10.50%
Wynkoop Brewing CompanyColorojoA dry hopped Imperial Red.8
Wynkoop Brewing CompanyRye'd The LightningImperial Rye IPA15%
Wynkoop Brewing CompanyBelgian Pale Strong AleBelgian Pale Ale7.80%
Wynkoop Brewing CompanyBelgian Dark StrongBelgian Dark Strong Ale8.50%
Wynkoop Brewing CompanyArtillery AleImperial Brown Ale9.20%
Wynkoop Brewing CompanyF.O.A.B. Arms Race Russian Imperial StoutRussian Imperial Stout9.00%


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