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Earthbound Beer | Chicken & Waffles Blonde Ale

Earthbound Beer | Chicken & Waffles Blonde Ale

Chicken & Waffles is typically not something you think of when you are thinking of beer; however, St. Louis based Earthbound Beer has turned a classic entrée into a delicious Blonde Ale with their Chicken & Waffles Blonde.

Chicken & Waffles was first brewed ironically back on April 20, 2015. According to Head Brewer & Presiding Comrade Stuart P. Keating, “I believe this beer was inspired by a patron at the bar, claiming we couldn’t possibly make a Chicken and Waffles beer. Challenge accepted!”

Challenge Accepted

Fortunately, Keating accepted the challenge of producing a genuinely unique full-bodied blonde ale that delivers all flavors without any chicken or waffles! You might be asking yourself, how does one brew a beer that is meant to inspire the flavors of an iconic entrée? “We use the grain bill for our Blonde Ale, which has a lot of biscuit malt and rye in it, then add a touch of salt for added body and richness — not enough to make it salty, though,” said Keating. “Towards the end of the boil, we add smoked paprika and fenugreek, which smells a bit like maple. The whole goal is to have this excellent sourdough graininess with a touch of savory smoke and a maple aroma.”

Earthbound Beer Can & Glass

Chicken & Waffles Blonde Style: Blonde Ale ABV: 6.2% IBU: 19

Chicken & Waffles Can Art

The artwork for Chicken & Waffles is just as fun and colorful as any other release from Earthbound Beer; however, this can leave very little to the imagination as it features a flying chicken carrying two buttered waffles dripping with syrup. While the can artwork wastes no time hinting at what the beer is about, it did face some scrutiny when submitted to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Initially, the label was rejected as they had concerns of false advertising of selling a beer named Chicken & Waffles that did not actually include the two ingredients in its name. However, Keating managed to get around this by adding a disclaimer to the can that simply states, “Ale brewed with spices, but not chicken or waffles. Discuss.”

Chicken & Waffles is currently available at Earthbound Beer, located at 2724 Cherokee Street, Saint Louis, Missouri.

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