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Ultimate 6er | Six Beers for Your Role in League of Legends

League of Legends
Brandon Cohran

League of Legends, by Riot Games, is a game that likely needs little introduction. It’s taken the globe by storm and become one of the most popular Esports in the world over the last decade. If you don’t know, consider yourself lucky for the time suck and renown toxicity of the community that you’ve saved yourself from. If that last sentence struck a chord with you, then greetings, Summoner.

The basic premise is that the game is free to download and play, and is updated biweekly with patches. There’s a large and active community, and queue times are relatively short. Each game has a level of familiarity although every game plays differently due to the variety of characters and player (enemy and teammate) habits.

In actuality though, the game doesn’t stay free for long due to many players succumbing to temptation in the game’s cosmetic store for champion skins. Skins equals wins, right? The biweekly patches tend to simply overcorrect Champion stats which causes them to break the game. Oh, and despite the short queues games can last anywhere from 15 to 60 (usually) minutes. If you start a game up, please know the commitment you just made.

The goal is simple: destroy your enemy’s nexus. The reality of achieving this goal: not so much.

There are five defined roles in the game, and you’ll likely find yourself preferring some to others. The same can be said for many craft beer drinkers when it comes to having favorite styles. Whether it’s your fourth win, or your fourth L in a row, there’s a beer on this list for you.


Paired with: IPA | Trillium Brewing Co. | The Harbor Islands

It’s no secret that there are thousands of memes out there joking about IPA lovers in the craft beer world. The “you just like them because they’re cool” statement has surely been used to troll you or a fellow hophead. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory, similar to how all Top Laners are absolute masochists. Really, REALLY, who wants to spend 40-60 minutes 1v1 against one other person in a team game? If you get that early kill and build a farm lead, then yeah, there’s a good chance you’ll be honored for carrying the game. Thirstily tower dive in a bad spot? Yeah, take the L with you all the way to the end game lobby. Trillium Brewing Co. has the perfect hop-loaded IPA for you with The Harbor Islands. Six hop varieties lead to that beautifully tasty NEIPA that many craft drinkers love. It’s the perfect beer for you since you’ll be spending the game playing in Top Island by yourself anyway. Have fun, you absolute wildcard.


Paired with: Belgian Ales | Barrel of Monks Brewing | Three Fates

Something happens when you load into a game of League that causes the Mid Laner to think the game revolves around them. And sometimes it can. Looking at you, 0-3 to 13-3 because you got one single kill, Yasuo. That champion is broken. Anyways, Three Fates Tripel from Barrel of Monks seems fitting for a Mid Laner because in my experience one of three outcomes happens every single game: Your Mid Lane wins easily. They lose absolutely terribly. Somehow it’s every other players’ fault that the enemy team is parading down the lane taking turret after turret. Three Fates Belgian Tripel falls into that first category as an absolute winner due to the floral and zesty yeast notes in the aroma synonymous with Belgian Tripels. A collection of spices and fruits decorate your palate and keeps the 9% ABV balanced. Throw a GGEZ into all chat after enjoying this win.


Paired with: Fruited Sour | Urban Artifact | The Gadget Midwest Fruit Tart Ale


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Junglers (I’m not exempt here) are a lot like Fruited Sours in today’s craft beer scene: you never know what you’re going to get. Some beers will be an absolute refreshment of delight like having a Trundle prance around the enemy jungle while getting a dozen kills. Others will explode like complete duds -you know who they are- similar to your teammate struggling to play Lee Sin. Thankfully, like a good jungler, there are craft breweries who excel at fruited beer and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better lineup than that of Urban Artifact. The Gadget, a raspberry and blackberry Sour with vanilla, is the shining example of how refreshing and light a Fruited Sour Ale can be. The pour is a dark purple and the body is refreshing and light. The tartness and sweetness dance in tandem wonderfully. Good ganks and securing objectives -this jungler and Fruited Sours won’t let you down.


Paired with: Lagers | GameCraft Brewing | Taunt West Coast Pils


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You might as well crack open an easy going beer to coincide with your easy role in League. A certain friend is ready to argue that point, and with good reason. Supports in League can be as involved or as chill as you’d like. Some players sit back and buff their teammates. Some of us throw Nidalee’s Spears and yank enemies with Blitzcrank’s Rocket Arm. To each their own. GameCraft Brewing’s Taunt West Coast Pils is perfect for pouring and enjoying while throwing emotes and character mastery signs after landing the big play for a momentum swing. If all else fails, then just play on easy-mode and use Leona to enjoy your Pils.

ADC (Attack Damage Carry)

Paired with: Porter | Deschutes Brewery | Black Butte Porter


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The perfect example of doing a lot of the work and possibly not claiming any rewards is the tough life of an ADC. These champions typically have the most farm in a game, usually do the most damage, and are crucial to teamfights. Of course you constantly run the risk of being nuked by Talon or one-shot by a Lux. Those little moments are the perfect time to reach for a Porter and take a few sips followed by deep breaths to just exhale in the moment. You’ll be busy as the ADC, no doubt, but your Black Butte will be waiting for you ready every chance you get to enjoy a quick sip. Go off – it probably won’t matter.


Paired with: Barrel-Aged or Adjunct Stout | Untitled Art | Black & Blue Chocolate Chip Pancake Stout


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This entry comes somewhat as a bonus since Teamfight Tactics is an alternative game mode in League of Legends. It’s a version of Auto-chess, where you recruit a team of champions which offers different traits as buffs and then place them on a gameboard. Then, there is a sequence of automated battle. It’s the perfect time to reach down in the fridge for a big and boozy Stout that you’ve been saving. Even if there’s a wax top, you can play one handed, so it’s perfect for grabbing a glass and enjoying throughout the thirty or so minutes that a round could take to complete. Any Stout from Untitled Art would thrive here, but one of their current offerings in the Black & Blue Chocolate Chip Pancake Stout is a strong contender. It’s breakfast in a can while having enough alcohol to balance the sweetness. Whether it’s a win or just finishing some bottles, Teamfight Tactics is a chill way of playing an otherwise stressful game.

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