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Yazoo Brewing Co. | Wild Honey Wheat

Yazoo Brewing Co. | Wild Honey Wheat
Jereme Zimmerman

Yazoo Brewing Co., Nashville’s first production brewery since Prohibition, launched in 2003 and quickly gained a local following with their take on traditional craft brewing favorites such as Pale Ales, IPAs and Porters.

Over time, they have expanded their offerings, and now have an Embrace the Funk Sour and Wild Ales program. They also offer limited and seasonal offerings such as Wild Honey Wheat, which will appeal to lovers of traditional craft beer, while also appeasing the adventurous nature of wild beer lovers.

Despite its name, Wild Honey Wheat isn’t a wild ale. The name simply comes from the wildflower honey that is added to the ale during fermentation. “It’s been a hot topic around the water cooler as to whether it would cause some confusion!” said Head Brewer Quinn Meneely, adding that it’s brewed with “regular old ale yeast.”

Wild Honey Wheat isn’t an overly sour, tart or “wild” tasting beer. It’s simply a crisp, lightly malty brew with a hint of honey aroma and a slight herbaceousness on the nose. It’s not too sweet, too sour, too bitter, or too funky. In other words, it’s just right for a light, refreshing and crushable summer drinker.



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During the hot side of brewing, Perle and Saaz hops are added to a base of pale and wheat malt, followed by chamomile at the end of the boil. After fermentation is mostly complete, wildflower honey is added. It’s added near the end of fermentation, Meneely notes, “so the yeast could still eat the honey, but the really active part of fermentation wouldn’t drive off the flavor or aroma.” Meneely added: “You can smell the honey fermenting all over the brewery. It’s got 160 pounds per 40-barrel batch, so it’s quite aromatic.”

First shift brewer Josh Lightell came up with the idea for Wild Honey Wheat; when asked for his inspiration, his response was “I like honey and chamomile together.“ He’s right on target. Honey and chamomile do taste good together.

Yazoo Brewing Company was founded by homebrewer Linus Hall in October 2003 in the historic Marathon Motor Works building in the heart of Music City. Its taproom is located at 900 River Bluff Drive, Madison TN 37115.

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