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Ultimate 6er | It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

The Gang from Sunny
Aimee Rossi

Can you believe that the longest running live-action comedy series in TV history is about five friends that own a dive bar, Paddy’s Pub in southern Philadelphia? We know what you’re thinking, “how could this show possibly be that good if it sounds boring?” Don’t be fooled by the premise of the show, these are not your average ordinary people you’d come across any day. Narcissistic, self-absorbed, and unhinged are just a few of the words to describe “The Gang,” which is made up of none other than Dennis, Charlie, Mac, Dee and Frank Reynolds.

If you haven’t watched It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia yet you are missing out on one of the greatest TV shows of all time! With all the crazy antics The Gang get themselves into, it’s only right that you enjoy the show while drinking delicious beers… and maybe eating rum ham? There are over 150 episodes of It’s Always Sunny and I’m here to pair 6 of the best episodes with 6 of the tastiest beers.

 Dee Made a Smut Film

Aurora Brewing Co. | Pizza Garlic Cheese Curds IPA

Dee has always dreamed of being a famous actress but fails miserably at every chance she gets while The Gang sits back and laughs at her. To their surprise, Dee invites them over one day so she can show them that she finally made it as an actress because she was starring in a movie alongside Richard Grieco. As the opening scene starts everyone is impressed but very quickly they realize that this is actually a pornographic movie and begin to tease Dee while she tries to argue that it’s art and not porn. Things start to get even weirder as Frank and Mac try to prove that modern art is meaningless and anyone can call themselves an artist if they have the right look. This leads to Frank dressing up just like Andy Warhol and pretends to be a famous art critic whose name is Ongo Gablogian. This episode pairs well with Pizza Garlic Cheese Curds. This IPA from Aurora Brewing Company is brewed with tons of hops, oats and wheat which has nothing to do with pizza or cheese curds! Much like this episode, this brew is definitely weird and different but it ends up being very enjoyable!

The Gang Beats Boggs

Blue Point Brewing Co. | Pinstripe Pils

Wade Boggs It's Always Sunny

According to The Gang, professional baseball player Wade Boggs holds the record for the most beers drunk on a single cross-country flight. In an attempt to beat that record Charlie, Dennis, Frank and Dee compete on a flight from Philadelphia to California while Mac keeps score because he lost in a chugging contest. One by one they begin to drop but in the end Charlie pulls through and is able to finish over 70 beers. Pinstripe Pils from Blue Point Brewing Company is the perfect beer to have while watching this mess unfold. This brew is crisp and refreshing and deserves to be enjoyed outside watching a baseball game!

The Gang Goes to a Waterpark

Grimm Artisanal Ales | Catch Waves

Charlie and Frank have plans to go on every single ride at the waterpark, Mac and Dee want to be one of the first people to ride their favorite ride before the park is full of little kids, and Dennis decides to lay out in the sun and try to hit on women. Mac and Dee try to go down a kiddy slide but the lifeguard tells them that they won’t fit. Mac completely ignores the lifeguard and goes down the slide anyways where he becomes stuck. Dee follows in Mac’s footsteps and she ends up crashing into Mac causing both of them to be stuck inside the slide. Soon after there is a pile up of kids inside of the slide. Frank and Charlie realize that in order to ride every ride at the waterpark they can’t wait in the long lines. While waiting they see a kid who was able to cut in front of the whole line because he is there with a program for kids with cancer. Frank then has the idea to tell people he has AIDS and just walks up to the front of the line for every ride. Dennis is sitting poolside where he was scoping out women but became distracted when he saw a younger girl who was stealing and scheming people. Dennis was very impressed with her and they both went around the park scamming a lot of people for fun. Catch Waves from Grimm Artisanal Ales pairs best with this episode. When you think of a classic IPA taste that’s exactly what this beer is. There is a floral hop bitterness with a dank finish. Just like the beer, this episode perfectly captures each of the characters’ personalities.

The Gang Gets Quarantined

The Alchemist | Heady Topper

There is a flu outbreak that is spreading all over Philadelphia, The Gang decides to quarantine themselves inside of the bar. Charlie, Mac, Dennis and Dee are practicing singing acapella in hopes to win a contest that will allow them to be the opening act for Boyz II Men. Frank is in a panic because his neighbor just died from the flu and convinces everyone else to quarantine. Nothing is allowed to come in or out of the bar but that rule gets broken once Dennis gets caught ordering a pizza. Frank freaks out and thinks that Dennis is infected so he locks him in the bathroom. Mac and Charlie decide to go to the store dressed in bubble suits to get some food while Frank catches Dee drinking beer that she stashed away in the ceiling. Frank sends her into the bathroom with Dennis who has become dangerously sick. Once Charlie and Mac get back to the bar they can see that Frank is slowly becoming paranoid and insane. Mac sneezes and gets sent to the bathroom where both Dennis and Dee are extremely ill which leads to him becoming sick as well. Charlie randomly walks into the bathroom and locks himself in there so he can be with everyone else. Soon they begin to realize ever since the quarantine started they haven’t been drinking alcohol and that their body is going through withdrawals and none of them are actually sick. This episode gets paired with Heady Topper from The Alchemist. This brew is so smooth and crushable! You’ll never get tired of the hoppy and slightly sweet flavors and you’ll keep going back for more once you’re finished!

The Gang Goes to the Jersey Shore

3 Daughters Brewery | Beach Blonde Ale

Rum Ham Its Always Sunny

Dee and Dennis take everyone down to Jersey Shore because it was their favorite vacation spot as children. Once they get there they soon realize things aren’t the way they used to be. They go to the boardwalk and notice that nobody is around and it’s a lot gloomier than they remember. Trying to lift their spirits, Dennis and Dee go to the small amusement park and get on a ride. At the top of the ride Dee’s hair gets stuck in the gear and gets ripped out of her head. Dennis ends up vomiting and then takes Dee to the hospital. Mac and Frank are sitting on the beach eating ham that’s been soaked in rum while stray dogs try taking their food. They decide to get on a flimsy float in the ocean to eat the ham, but they end up falling asleep and the ham floats away. Charlie ends up finding a girl he has a crush on and stays out with her all night and the next morning she wakes up and realizes she was on drugs the previous night and is disgusted she’s with Charlie and runs away. Beach Blonde Ale from 3 Daughters Brewing pairs with this episode. This beer is light and refreshing just like a summer’s day. There is a small amount of hops that balance out the sweeter flavors which makes this very enjoyable!

The Gang Gets Analyzed

Duclaw Brewing | Sour Me Unicorn Farts

Dee is sitting in her therapist’s office visibly upset because she took her therapist’s advice to have dinner with her friends. While this doesn’t sound like a bad thing, all hell broke loose. Dee wants her therapist to tell her who should do the dishes so they could stop fighting. That’s when the rest of The Gang walks in with the dirty dishes waiting for answers. Screaming over each other about who should do the dishes, the therapist says that there is something deeper and she can help them. Everyone goes through individual sessions which unravels a lot of issues within the group. This leads to everyone bickering with each other again trying to blame each other for their own problems. Finally the therapist has had enough and yells at Dee to do the dishes. As you can imagine, everyone except Dee is happy with this. Dee’s rage is so uncontrollable she starts to smash all their plates while berating her therapist. Sour Me Unicorn Farts from Duclaw Brewing is the perfect pair for this episode. This beer is brewed with edible glitter, and fruity cereal! Dee’s persona perfectly aligns with this beer. Sweet and pretty on the outside, but tart and sour inside. Just like Dee, on the outside she seems sweet but on the inside she is quite the opposite!

Feature image by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

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