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2021 AL Wild Card Drinking Game | Red Sox vs. Yankees

AL Wild Card 2021 Drinking Game Staff

The Red Sox and Yankees both won in fairly dramatic fashion on Sunday to secure their Wild Card spots. But, for one team, the joy will only last for one more game. From Babe Ruth to a bloody sock to Bucky %$# Dent, the rivalry has produced some memorable games and moments. Tonight, the rivals will battle again for bragging rights, and a chance to meet the Tampa Bay Rays — the 100-win Rays, that is.

Whether you are a Sox fan, Yankees fan, or get tired of hearing about both teams, we are here to enhance your enjoyment of the game. Without further ado, your 2021 AL Wild Card Drinking Game.


Any reference to:

A “historic rivalry” – 1 drink

Bucky $%^& Dent (1978 game) – 1 drink

The Bob Boone home run (2003) – 1 drink

The 2004 Red Sox comeback – 1 drink

The bloody sock – 2 drinks

The number of World Series wins for the Yankees – 2 drinks

Babe Ruth or “Curse of the Bambino” — 3 drinks


If they show the video of Gio Urshela flying into the dugout on Sunday — 1 drink

If they compare it to Jeter’s catch – drink twice

The Game

Home run — 1 drink

If a ball leaves the park (entirely) — 2 drinks

If the ball hits the green monster — 1 drink

A bad call — 1 drink with your eyes closed

Strike out — 1 drink

Stolen base — 1 drink

Broken bat — 1 drink

Double play — 2 drinks, one with each hand.

If you see a fan in a Halloween costume — 1 drink

Extra Innings: finish your drink and re-up

Walk-off homer: open a beer from your cellar

Aaron Judge homer: all rise until he’s off the base path


A mention of fall / cool weather – 1 drink


Anytime you see, or any reference to:

Matt Damon — 1 drink

Ben Affleck — 1 drink

If they mention Affleck as Batman — 2 drinks

Spike Lee — 1 drink

Billy Crystal — 1 drink

Stephen King: — Take 1 drink and check over your shoulder for a murderer.

John Krasinski — 1 drink. If he’s with Emily Blunt – 2 drinks.


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