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New Trail Brewing | Broken Heels Hazy IPA

New Trail Brewing Broken Heels Hazy IPA
Jason Murphy

We’re going to let you in on a little craft beer secret today! The New England region is widely known for making some of, if not the best, Hazy IPAs in the country. You don’t have to take our word for it; you can check Untappd for proof. However, we want to tell you that Pennsylvania produces some of the best Hazy IPAs in the market!

The Beginning

The specific brewery we are talking about today is Williamsport, PA-based New Trail Brewing Company. New Trail was founded in January 2018 with a focus on creating a balanced portfolio of Hazy IPAs, Pilsners, Amber Ales, Belgian styles and Stouts. The mission has always been to highlight the expansive beauties of the Greater North Central Pennsylvania region while producing top-quality beers and distributing them to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Don Rieck, Marketing Director for New Trail Brewing, stated that they make great beer for the great outdoors. “Everything we brew is inspired by our evening and weekend activities,” said Rieck. The team is made up of fly fishermen, hikers, kayakers, skiers, white water rafters and more. “These are the beers we want to drink out there,” noted Rieck.

Behind the Beer

Broken Heels is a Hazy IPA that’s hopped with hand-selected Citra and Mosaic. The beer produces aromas of citrus, pine and pungent tropical fruit. The aromas alone are enough to get you excited about the beer without even tasting it.

The soft, full mouthfeel with a lower bitterness create quite the drinking experience for any craft beer lover. Citrus hits you up front, followed by vibrant notes of tropical fruit, and ends with a hint of pine. The citrus and tropical fruit create a flavorful masterpiece. You get bright fruity flavors, along with some sweet and tangy citrus, and the pine does a great job of cutting into the sweetness.

Image provided by New Trail Brewing Company

Rieck explained that the Pilsner malt they use created a really nice base for them to build on. “It’s clean but present and can stand up to our heavy hopping rates,” noted Rieck. Similar to an ideal lager, the finish is short and crisp. “We then layer on fluffy oats and a few other things to build up the mouthfeel and heavy haze you expect from New Trail IPAs,” said Rieck.

“One of the most unique things about Broken Heels is our hand-selected Citra hops,” said Rieck. Making a trip out to Washington every year to sample tons of hop varieties, they always come back with a lot of Citra that they can trace to exact farms and acreage. “We go for a deeper orange citrus character that really shines in Broken Heels, and matches the can,” said Rieck.

So, What’s With the Name?

Rieck tells us that Broken Heels has a very particular story behind the naming of the beer. One of their founders was on his way to catch a flight to Oktoberfest before building the brewery. Before he could leave, he first had to try to fix something. He ended up slipping and breaking both of his heels, and of course missing the fest. He ended up directing the brewery buildout from his wheelchair, and, of course, they had to name a beer for him.

“Broken Heels was the Hazy IPA we were going to make every once in a while, but it became everyone’s favorite,” said Rieck. Now that it’s constantly brewed, it continues to be their most popular IPA. Rieck said that it serves as a reminder that there’s always a little danger with our adventures, and to be careful so that you can keep doing what you love.

If you are a fan of Hazy IPAs, then Broken Heels needs to be at the top of the list of beers you must try!

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