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New Belgium Celebrates La Folie with Lost in the Woods Slumber Party

A stylized mythical woodland creature sits on the moon, in a forest, drinking from a glass.
Jaclyn Menendez

Once upon a time, nestled in the heart of the Rockies, a brewery famed for its playful spirit and delectable sour ales invited dreamers and night revelers to an enchanted gathering unlike any other.

It was no ordinary fête but the heralded Lost in the Woods of 2024, where New Belgium Brewing opened its legendary Foeder Forest for a Storybook Slumber Party that promised an evening of dance, delight and the finest sours in all the land.

Photo provided by New Belgium Brewing

Off to Dreamland

As the moon rose on Feb. 10, partygoers appeared in colorful pajamas to step into a realm where bedtime tales spun into reality. Most people opted for cozy pj’s to emulate the slumber party aspect of the theme, but the crowd was peppered with a few Wild Things and fairytale creatures, including a very tall owl who did not leave the dance floor all night.

Within the sylvan enclave, where wooden giants—foeders filled with aging ale—stood silent guard, the night was anything but quiet. The thump of bass and Taylor Swift remixes invited partygoers to lose themselves in the rhythm, illuminated by a giant full moon weighing low above the dance floor.

Photo provided by New Belgium Brewing

And what’s a slumber party without a feast? Amid the revelry, guests were treated to a spread reminiscent of the most cherished sleepovers. The snacks—grilled cheese and tomato soup, buttery popcorn and Twizzlers—fueled the dance party and evoked memories of childhood.

A River of Mystical Sours

The open bar where sour beers flowed like enchanted rivers offered a journey through flavors bold and sublime. The star of the night was Wild One, a brew with juicy cherry and pineapple tartness, evoking memories of fruit punch and staying up too late at your friend’s house. And as a memento of their journey, each guest departed with a bottle of this year’s La Folie, a treasure to remind them of the magic woven that night.

The Storybook Slumber Party was more than a celebration; it was a testament to the brewery’s ethos—a fusion of creativity, community and craft. For one enchanted evening, the Foeder Forest was not just a place where beer aged gracefully, but where dreams took flight, friendships blossomed and the mundane world was left far behind. And as the guests departed, the forest whispered promises of next year’s adventure, leaving all to wonder what marvels awaited at the next turn of the page.

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