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The Payroll Dept Offers Hands-On HR & Payroll Solutions to Breweries

The Payroll Department

In a world where artificial intelligence is now being used to create beer recipes and entire brew systems are fueled by automation, the craft beer industry is beginning to look less like the scrappy bootstrapped, mom-and-pop entrepreneurial operation that inspired approximately 10,000 neighborhood breweries across the country and more like the big box corporate breweries that have monopolized the market for so many decades.

While automation has helped to create efficiencies that become critical for fueling explosive growth, some aspects of operating a brewery just work better with a human touch. 

The Payroll Department has found a way to bring the best of both worlds when it comes to supporting a brewery’s payroll and overall human resource needs by prioritizing the human element first, while also keeping up with the advanced technological support needed to keep up in today’s market.

The Payroll Dept. began like many breweries out of founder Bryan Dear’s garage. Wanting to chase his entrepreneurial spirit, Dear explored several start-up ideas ranging from a smoothie truck to a bagel shop. But in recognizing the power of building strong businesses around great people, Dear eventually launched the Payroll Dept. to help other businesses support their own staff.

“Over the years I saw how it was becoming a vanishing service to be able to talk to real people when you need them the most,” said Dear. “We’ve had instances where a business encountered an issue with their time clock at 10 a.m. and we were able to be on-site to assist by 11:30 a.m. to ensure their employees didn’t miss their paycheck.”

This focus on providing a personal touch to emerging businesses has helped the Payroll Dept. grow to over 20 employees servicing 900 clients and over 20,000 employees, while still remaining firmly planted and invested in their local Colorado community. 

Ska Brewing & Ratio Beerworks Collab Fest Brew Day - Aperture of Ales by Holly Gerard
Holly Gerard, Aperture of Ales Photography

When you call us, we’re guaranteed to have someone there to answer and talk to you,” said Michael Hennon, CEO of The Payroll Dept. “With us, you are a person, not a number, we respond to your communication with care and concern.”

Dear, Hennon and The Payroll Department team are truly a local institution dedicated to serving the needs of their local Mountain West communities. In addition to instituting a local give-back program, which commits a portion of the revenue generated each year toward supporting local non-profit and community causes, The Payroll Dept. has also helped provide free HR services to many of those same non-profits and community organizations.

Extend beyond just providing timely, reliable, and easy-to-manage payroll solutions for businesses of all sizes The Payroll Dept. offers a full-service approach toward HR services which begins with the hiring process.

Finding the right employees can often be a full-time position in its own right, but The Payroll Dept makes it an easy and efficient process by offering a robust job board, providing in-depth hiring surveys to help weed out non-applicable candidates, allowing clients the ability to schedule interviews and extend offers all within their hiring portal. Additionally, their Attract-and-Hire module helps businesses identify a more diverse employee pool beyond just education-based parameters. But it doesn’t end there, because once viable candidates are selected, the onboarding process becomes a breeze as all candidate information and documentation seamlessly transitions into their new employee portal. 

This touch-free technology, coupled with The Payroll Dept.’s new mobile app which brings payroll & HR management to clients’ fingertips helps eliminate administrative burdens and holdups while also connecting the human element with the innovative advances needed to help to ensure greater efficiencies in today’s society.

Be sure to check out our friends at The Payroll Dept. to learn more about how they can help take care of all of your organization’s payroll & HR needs.

This has been a sponsored post from The Payroll Dept.

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