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Pelican Brewing Company | Beak Bender

March 27, 2018 |

Now, don’t get me wrong—I understand that everyone is different. That said, we’re all human and there are a handful of things that are guaranteed to make anyone’s day. Take, for example, a yawn-inducing work meeting being cancelled, a spectacular cup of coffee, running into a puppy on the street, and, perhaps best of all, one of your favorite breweries adding a beer onto their year-round line-up. Queue Pelican Brewing Company and the Beak Bender, a hoppinated India Pale Ale that is now available year-round. You’ll want to get familiar with this one—trust me. Read More

Event Recap | 5 Best Quotes from the Pelican Pub and Brewery’s Brewer’s Dinner

February 4, 2016 | 2

Last week, our staff was able to attend the Pelican Pub and Brewery Brewer’s Dinner. To say that we were blown away by the food, beer and hospitality is an understatement.

Below are five of the best quotes heard … Read More

Event Preview | Pelican Pub & Brewery’s Brewer’s Dinner

January 27, 2016 |

If you are anywhere near Pacific City, Oregon this Saturday, we are begging you to clear your calendar. You won’t regret it.

If you haven’t already heard, the decorated Pelican Pub & Brewery will be putting on their annual … Read More

Inside the Tank | Pelican Pub & Brewery’s Darron Welch

January 25, 2016 |

On January 30, a few lucky PorchDrinkers will be headed to Pacific City, Oregon for a Brewers Dinner put on by Pelican Pub & Brewery. The event features a six course meal – everything from gnocchi with lamb ragu … Read More