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Revolution Brewing Created a New IPA to Celebrate International Women’s Day

February 26, 2018 |

Craft beer has a diversity problem. While there’s no easy fix to an issue that is prevalent throughout most industries in America, several craft brewers are making their presence felt by promoting diversity and inclusion from within their ranks. One of those breweries is Chicago’s Revolution Brewing, who employs 68 female employees throughout their expanding operation. To celebrate International Women’s Day, the women of Revolution came together to brew a special beer: Spirit of Revolt IPA.

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Brewery Showcase | Kokopelli Beer Company

July 7, 2016 |

Kokopelli is the Hopi god of agriculture and fertility —  a perfect deity for a new brew pub who needs plenty of grains for both their beer and their pizza. Christine Wares is the owner of Kokopelli Beer Company —  the first solely woman-owned brewery in Colorado (and only the 7th in the country!) which opened in Westminster in January 2014. Read More

News Week in Review- 10/15-10/21

October 21, 2012 |

Binders Full of Women

With a new, increasingly plugged-in generation coming of voting age, this election is arguably the first where social media has played a substantial role in the race. While most voters were simply happy that Tuesday night’s Presidential Debate was actually watchable, the internet took particular delight in some of the candidates’ more colorful slips of the tongue. Case in point: within minutes of Mitt Romney’s now infamous “binders full of women” comment, there were new Facebook pages, Tumblrs, and several Twitter hashtags and handles poking fun at the gaffe. Read More

It’s a Man’s World

June 26, 2012 |

As I walk up to the porch, I often find myself wishing I would have used my predictably clean bathroom before I came. I step over misplaced socks on the stairs and wonder where that smell is coming from. Amongst … Read More