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Founders Brewing Co. – Double Trouble

Founders Brewing Co. – Double Trouble
Lindsay Krumel

ABV: 9.4%

IBU: 86

When choosing which beer to review this time around, I had one of two choices sitting in my fridge. Based on how the Bengals were playing in the first quarter against the Ravens, I opted to go with Founders Double Trouble IPA.

Let’s face it, the 9.4% ABV was the only thing that was going to make watching the rest of this game bearable. The Bengals are actually managing to somewhat stay in it at the moment, so I guess I kind of got a buzz on for nothing, but hey, a buzz for nothing is better than no buzz at all.

I initially picked up Double Trouble purely for its name. I mean, Double Trouble sounds like a good time right? But I actually ended up really enjoying it. With 86 IBUs, it’s extremely hoppy, which isn’t always my cup of tea, but after all the fall-flavored beers I’ve been drinking the last few weeks, I found it refreshing. And refreshing it is. Double Trouble may pack a punch when it comes to taste and alcohol content, but it’s a rather light-bodied, citrus-y beer, with little carbonation. While it probably wouldn’t be my first choice for this time of year, I would definitely recommend it, especially for those of you who are out to have some fun without spending a ton of money on mixed drinks and rounds of shots.

CORRECTION: As I submit this for editing, the Bengals are now losing 13-41, so as it turns out, this beer was, in fact, absolutely necessary.

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