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Port Brewing Shark Attack

port brewing shark attack
Justin Vicroy
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Port Brewing Shark Attack Double Red Ale

9% ABV
70 IBUs

One of my favorite weeks in Television has begun, I’m talking about Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Sharks have always been a source of both wonderment and fear for me. Legendary beasts of mythical proportions, I read and watched everything I could on them.

In fact, after watching Jaws, my first “scary” movie, it took me 3 years before I dared to swim past waist deep water while visiting the ocean. I scanned the water meticulously for signs of a fin before I even entered the dubious waters. Yet I always saved money for buying a shark tooth at a beach-side souvenir shop. I guess, in hopes, to get over the irrational fear of a shark attack. To honor this week, along with the majestic creatures as a whole, I review Port Brewing’s Shark Attack Double Red Ale.

This beer pours a medium deep amber hue with a dull white head. A definite ode to the name and the color of blood. The aroma swirls in my nose, reminiscent of light pine and grapefruit-y citrus. The first gulp comes with a huge hop splash, then finishes with a rich malt backbone. This beer is NOT for the faint of heart nor those of weak palate. The flavors are balanced, yet huge, and in a constant struggle over which taste will stay with you.

This beer would pair well with roasted & grilled meats, such as beef & game, and very stinky cheeses. Start your Shark Week right by picking up a bottle of this beer because it is only available on draft & in 22oz bottles.

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