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Cigar City Brewing/Terrapin Beer Co. Southern Slice

southern slice
Sarah Hargis

ABV: 10%


Pecan pie has long been a staple in the South, and Terrapin and Cigar City have joined forces to pay homage to the timeless dessert (and sometimes breakfast). Brewed with vanilla beans and pecans, the Southern Slice is a Munich lager that pours an opaque dark brown to black, with a beige colored, lacey head that dissipates quickly. The nose is primarily pecan, with a grainy malt background.

I believe the words out of my mouth upon first sip were, “Oh wow.” This beer drinks more like a heavy porter than a lager, and is very cloying. In fact, it sticks to your tongue like molasses. The vanilla is decidedly present throughout, and it has a nice nutty finish. Clocking in at 10%, the booziness created by the heavy malt balances out the sweetness of the vanilla perfectly.

All in all, I loved this beer. These two breweries are extremely creative, and I feel their talents are showcased well here. I would pair this heavy sipper with a sweet dessert, such as…well, pecan pie. I will definitely be stocking up on these bombers while they’re available.

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