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Flying Bison Brewing Company | Buffalo IPA

Flying Bison Brewing Company | Buffalo IPA

As a PorchDrinker based out of NYC, I am happy to regale you, dear readers, with tales of daring innovation that spring from the sometimes excessive effort to be the leader of the pack in the NYC-area beer world. But what about those cities that don’t get a lot of play in beer media? Places where craft beer is only just beginning to flourish? Well today folks, I am taking you to that great American stalwart, Buffalo, New York. In particular, we are talking about the Buffalo IPA from Flying Bison Brewing Company, a sweet little operation that, according to its website, professes to be the city’s first stand alone brewery since 1972. Before we get to the actual beer, let me just first tip my hat to the brewery for having the good sense to draw some wings on a bison and turn it into their logo. Excellent decision making there. 

Now, onto the beer. The Buffalo IPA is kind of like the family you were probably visiting in Buffalo in the first place: a little off, but not too crazy and overall, reliably endearing. A reddish hazy gold in color, this beer pours well with a nice full head that’s tinged in beige with a medium mouthfeel. The lacing is lovely and lasts throughout the beer. It tastes as earthy and sturdy as your crazy ice-climbing Canadian uncle but also seems to have the laid back yet kick-ass attitude that your Harley-riding Texas relatives roll into town with. And while the hops are high, lending it a strong bitterness, it’s balanced out with gentle, sweet tropical undertones. There’s not really a family analogy for that though because while my family is sweet, they are neither bitter nor tropical. But you know, go with it.

Basically, the Buffalo IPA is your typical IPA; like family, you know what to expect. But it’s good like that, perfect for sitting around on the patio swapping stories about all the ridiculous shenanigans your aunts and uncles got into when they were kids. Here’s to family reunions and to Uncle Bruce for buying the beer!


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