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Westbrook Brewing Co. | India Pale Ale

Westbrook Brewing Co. | India Pale Ale
Michelle Jones

ABV: 6.8% IBUs: 65

Making the trip to Kiawah Island, South Carolina is not something I’m new to. Whether it’s packed in a car with my family or squeezed on a plane from Denver, I’ve been there and done that. But, as a craft beer-drinking woman in my mid-20’s, I realize that there was something missing from my trips—and that something was Westbrook Brewing Co.’s India Pale Ale.

For this version of our informal family reunion, I flew into the sweltering heat of Charleston in June. My wonderful parents grabbed me from the airport and welcomed me back into the family bubble. I didn’t even need to suggest the idea—my dad was already asking me to figure out where we could find some good beer for our beach vacation.

The bright, neon green cans that house Westbrook’s IPA immediately jumped out from the rest of the massive beer selection. A local brew with a rating of 97 on, you say? We got it and couldn’t get enough of it. Sixteen thirsty people can move through some serious amounts of alcohol when the only worry of the day is deciding when to switch between water of the pool and the beach. Piggly Wiggly, in all of its weird glory, stocks it (yes, it does!) and became our pit stop of choice throughout the week.

Enough of the frilly story behind my experience with this hoppy monster—let’s get to the flavors. It’s refreshing, citrusy and bitter. That’s what you’d expect from any IPA, right? Me too. Bear with me anyway. This one’s got pungent, awesome aromatics that made me look like a basset hound sniffing around my glass. After I took a sip, the intense rush of malty body and astringent, tingling hops pushed me back from that glass and into a blissful state of satisfaction. That’s what I needed for the beach. That’s what I still miss!

Westbrook Brewing, I salute the four hop additions in the kettle and double dry-hopping that make your IPA a citrusy, piney bomb of deliciousness. You’ve got your IPA nailed down. You’re doin’ it right.

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