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Martin House Brewing | Pretzel Stout

Martin House Brewing | Pretzel Stout

ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 47 | SRM: 50+

“That’s right, The Original Pretzel Stout. This 6.5% abv stout is as black as oil and is brewed with over six pounds of crushed sourdough pretzels per barrel. Guess what? There’s no style guideline for this one. The salty fingerprint of the pretzels works with the sweet and roasty flavors of the chocolate malted & roasted barley to give this beer a flavor that is much greater than the sum of its parts.”

Martin House Pretzel Stout

Martin House Brewing’s Pretzel Stout has an inviting silky-black color, with a small rocky tan head. The pretzels provide the background to an impressive taste with added notes of roasted chocolate, coffee and caramel flavors from it’s ultra malt backbone. Huge espresso, dark chocolate, stewed figs and a hop-driven orange-lime tang add up to a powerful, rich Stout that doesn’t need big alcohol to pack a punch.

This Pretzel Stout showcases baker’s chocolate, caramel, a pinch of table sugar, with a roasty, chocolaty, lightly briny finish from the pretzel’s salt with still more of that sweetness mid-palate. A phenomenal Stout!

Martin House Pretzel Stout

A prominent roasted malt character, and a chocolatey, coffee-like finish are what really rounds out this Pretzel Stout. The aforementioned coffee lingers with a cafe au lait presense of molasses afloating on a dark slick of roasted grains, salted creme brulee, and smoke.

This semi-sweet Pretzel Stout with that salty bite is a perfect beer to pair with a dessert and most definitely a delicious beer to pair to a medium bodied cigar. Stout Ale is not built for every instance, but when the mood calls, there is nothing better than the loaded, deep weight of an adequately malted stout to delve into the grotto of darkness with your taste buds high-fiving each other and both lips a ‘dancing.

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  1. Erin Russell

    I want to dip cigars in this – something I have never done with beer (Does that even work? Experiments? Science!). I generally do a quick dip into Bourbon, but I feel like this may work.

  2. Cory Pelc

    Right, Erin?! Let’s dip cigars in this all day. I should have grabbed a four pack! Blast!

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