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Beers For Gaming | Dungeons & Dragons

Beers For Gaming | Dungeons & Dragons
Brandon Cohran

Beginning a new hobby—whether it’s immersing yourself into a board game or getting into the craft beer scene—can be a daunting task. As I was learning the ropes of Dungeons & Dragons, I found myself reminiscing on my early craft beer adventures. Experiencing and exploring new beer styles, breweries and beers was unfamiliar but exciting; the thrill of these new discoveries was truly unmatched. The same emotions are felt when adventuring through a quest in Dungeons & Dragons as unpredictable and diverse journeys shape each session.

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) has become a new hobby for many during social distancing. Digital gaming allows for a way to embark on adventures with a group of friends in different locations. Adding some beer to those sessions makes it even better.

D&D Dungeon Masters quickly learn the importance of being prepared for any situation during the campaign and having just the right beer style on hand is imperative. Whether you are the Dungeon Master for your group or playing along as a dwarf, human, elf or orc in the campaign, there’s an ideal beer for your journey.

If your session begins anything like mine does, once everyone is on the Discord call, you’re already 15 minutes past your initial start time. The next 10-15 minutes will likely consist of small talk in every direction before the DM or an adventurer narrates the action-packed summary from last week.

Yazoo Brewing Hefeweizen

This is the perfect opportunity for that first beer. Yazoo Brewing Company’s Hefeweizen is a good option for that first (and second) beer out of the fridge during the campaign. The aroma is herbal with cloves and the first sip nets a bright and refreshing taste of banana and spices. There’s a little tartness throughout the beer that fades into a dry but crisp mouthfeel. Hefeweizen is refreshing and only a 5.4% ABV so you can keep your wits as you guide your group of adventurers along bumpy trails or down through caverns.

Burial Beer Co. Blade and Sheath Saison

Once there is a lull in the action, adding a combat scenario will likely regain the focus of the group. This is best done where and when it makes sense, which ultimately is up to the Dungeon Master (DM). When the combat ensues, the perfect beer to grab is Burial Beer Company’s Blade & Sheath Saison.

From the pile of bones to the daggers and feathers, the can art symbolizes the often dark and mysterious worlds of Dungeons & Dragons. The use of Grungeist hops (which were an unexpected adventure all their own) creates a slight fruity prune-and-grape-but-more-earthy-and-spice-forward taste.

The end of combat likely signals the concluding phase of the session, as it has probably been much longer than anyone thought. Everyone is tending to their wounds and talking about the encounter, which is the perfect time to grab the last beer of the night.

Wild Leap Brew Co., Cookies and Cream Stout

A strong contender for that last grab option is Wild Leap Brew Company’s Cookies & Cream Stout. At 10.5% ABV it is certain to last as the group discusses all of the last-minute situations for their characters and. the conversations start to transition back to the real world.

Cookies & Cream Stout has a subtle vanilla aroma on the nose which is followed by a medium-heavy mouthfeel. The creaminess persists long after each swallow and the sweetness from the cocoa and lactose are heavily present in each sip. It makes a case for cookies, and the cream, to be the best part of the combination.

Dungeons & Dragons had its share of learning moments for my group and it was a few sessions before it ran smoothly. However, the time it takes to figure it out also means plenty of opportunities to concoct perfect pairings so grab friends and some beer for your next session. Cheers!

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