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New Glarus Brewing Co | Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale

New Glarus Brewing Co | Moon Man No Coast Pale Ale
Lindsay Snyder

As a self-imposed Sconnie, I’ve signed up to endure perennial misery each year between November and May. Every fall I watch in horror as the sun sets earlier and earlier, the nights get frostier, and the boat-dotted lakes become empty canvases awaiting a frosty fate. That’s why today, when it could very easily be the last 80 degree day before hibernation begins, I opted out of the office lifestyle and escaped via kayak with my two best friends. One is called Justin – he makes an excellent porch drinking companion. The other is called Moon Man – he makes for excellent drinking.

As New Glarus proudly states on the bottle, Moon Man is a seriously cool cat. “Always comfortable in his own skin, he never tries too hard.” Perfect for a day of kayaking where we’re not actually trying to get anywhere except a little drunker and a little tanner.

Allow me to introduce you. Moon Man is New Glarus’ “no coast pale ale.” The pour is a hazy yellow with a bright, thin head. The mellow façade suggests nothing of the unique flavors that hide within. A floral aroma reminiscent of fresh-cut grass and clementines invites you to take your first sip.

At first taste, Moon Man is everything I want in a beer. Hoppy but not demanding. Floral, citrusy and bright, but also complex, malty and bitter. The mouthfeel is fizzy and light, which is why Moon Man is invited to the lake on this bright sunny day. The finish is smoother than the glassy lake around me. Moon Man fades away with a subtle citric sweetness that is just enough to remind you that you want another sip.

I think New Glarus puts it best when describing this bold, friendly brew (although they could easily be describing today’s lazy kayak expedition): “Bold and engaging without pretense, because in Wisconsin you do not have to be extreme to be real.”

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