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Wasatch Brewery | Provo Girl Pilsner

Wasatch Brewery | Provo Girl Pilsner

4% ABV

Wasatch Brewery’s Provo Girl Pilsner is a beer showcase that I do not want to write. Why? Because I just spent the day shooting grouse with my good buddy Charlie, who moved to Utah a year before I did to fight fires and occasionally dress up as Smokey the Bear at rodeos. We had some wild nights together as members of Northern Michigan University’s Moosemen Rugby Football Club, and we just spent a day shooting birds and wandering around the Ashley National Forest in Utah’s Uinta Mountains (we didn’t get lost —we just didn’t quite know how to get back to camp). Sitting here by the campfire under some amazing stars with our tired pooches at our feet, writing in a notebook might ruin it.

I’ll make this short and sweet. This Salt Lake City pilsner is good, Hreal good with a capital h. It’s light in body but has a nice malty and flavorful taste. It’s the kind of unpretentious beer that prefers being swilled fireside to being analyzed in a notebook. I don’t know what color it is because I’m drinking it out of a can, in the dark; but who cares? I can’t taste colors anyway. Boom.

Charlie, who has more Provo Girl experience than I do says, “You have to write about it in cans. It’s way better in cans than it is in bottles.”

He also says, “…grouse fajitas, grouse noodle soup, grouse nuggets, grouse in lemon sauce, grouse alfredo; that’s really good. It pretty much tastes like chicken.”


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