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Weekly Growler Fill | National Beer News Roundup

New Belgium Pear Ginger Beer

It’s Monday which means the craft beer news is here. I know you don’t have time to sort through all of the beer-related articles, so I compiled the best ones for you. This week, we’re giving you the details about a few pro-golfers that have opened up a brewery, the scoop on New Belgium’s latest beer, and a farewell to the original Stone Pale Ale. Click read more and education yourself with this edition of the Weekly Growler Fill.

Three Golfers Open a Craft Brewery


I now officially have another reason to love Keegan Bradley. My first two reasons for loving him include the fact that he is amazing and that he is also a Howard Stern superfan. But to get to the main point, my boy Keegan teamed up with Freddie Jacobson (almost silver fox) and Graeme McDowell (hottest Irish golfer) to breathe life into GolfBeer Brewing Co. I consider this idea nearly perfect since golf is really just a reason to drink a lot of beer. All of their beer is being brewed at BrewHub in Lakeland, FL and is currently on tap in cans at PGA National Resort and Spa. Keep up the good work you hot, beer-loving golfers.

GolfBeer Brewing Company
Photo Credit: @Carlos_Frias twitter

One Expert and Two Others Attempt to Explain the Small BREW Act

I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything great from Fox News, but I was hoping this explanation would make things a little more clear for you all. Unfortunately, I think I’ve done a better job explaining the Small BREW Act in past editions of the Weekly Growler Fill. First off, Lauren Green just sounds plain dumb. Second, David Mercer does an extremely poor job of breaking down the bill for us. Luckily, Matt Keelen swoops in and saves the day on this news story. He even mentions that craft brewers are ‘kicking butt’ in the beer market. I can tell a craft beer drinker when I see one and Matt Keelen is definitely part of the inner circle. So, even though this video is somewhat convoluted, it is still entertaining to watch. Enjoy.

New Belgium to Release a Pear Ginger Beer

New Belgium Pear Ginger Beer

My best friend is going to be so pumped when she finds out New Belgium is brewing a Pear Ginger Beer as a part of the Lips of Faith series. Abby, if you’re reading this, I will grab many bottles for you. Though some ginger beers are kid friendly, this one will contain alcohol and a fair amount at that – 7% to be exact. No official release date has been set at this time.

Say ‘Goodbye’ to Stone Pale Ale and ‘Hello’ to Stone Pale Ale 2.0

Stone Pale Ale
Photo Credit: Stone Brewing Company

The beer that put Stone Brewing on the map is retiring after an 18 year run. Stone Pale Ale will soon disappear but in its place, a new beer will be born: Stone Pale Ale 2.0. For all the details, I suggest clicking the link above. The people over at Stone do a fantastic job of explaining their decision.

Beer Launching Fridge

This guy is a genius. I recently discovered this old video from the David Letterman show and it features a man who made a fridge that will launch a beer at you so you never have to get up. I need it!


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