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The Weekly Buzz | August 26th – September 1st

Weekly Buzz
Dan Bortz

There has been lots of news to comb through this week. Tax breaks were enacted, archaic beer laws were scrapped, and possible brewing industry job cuts loom on the horizon. You’ll find all that (plus other announcements and silliness) right here in this weeks’ edition of The Weekly Buzz!

No matter which side of the aisle you sit on, we can all agree that both candidates could use a dose of the herbs in this “truth serum”.

A toast to the women who can outdrink any man and school them on beer knowledge at the same time. You know who you are. Cheers!

Is anyone really surprised by this one?

This is an AMAZING tool to brush up on your American beer history!

There isn’t much we love more than seeing breweries help those in need.

I’d probably just end up trying to suck the wort out of the board…

Burnt Hickory Brewery Facebook Post

I’d definitely go to Pittsburgh for this (and a few dozen local brews)!

If you didn’t like either team in the game, what would you wear to a tailgate party?

This could mean serious growth for an already strong brewing state!

Mashing in a huge collaboration beer is an 8-person job!

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale is has some new art on its aluminum jacket! What do you think of its new duds?

What do you think this growth means for the future of craft beer?

Another brewery hitting the shelves with an all-new look! Fashion Week ain’t got nothin’ on craft beer!

I sense a lot of new Quads and Barleywines heading our way from the Buckeye state!

I wish that I could Face Swap with a beer. It would be like the movie Face Off, except way more intoxicating!

Plenty of breweries have yoga events, but STAR WARS yoga?!?! My inner beer nerd and Sci-Fi nerd are fighting over who gets to order tickets!

Donate to a good cause AND enter to win a kick-ass bike! I’m not seeing a downside!

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