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Schooner EXACT Brewing Co. | 3-Grid IPA

Schooner EXACT 3-Grid IPA
Katelyn Pelak

ABV 6.7% | IBU 62

One of the great things about living in a beer-forward city like Seattle is the beer fluency of the entire city. Virtually every person in the area can carry on a conversation about beer styles and the relative virtues of one brewery over another without prompting, guaranteeing that a diverse set of opinions is just a conversation away. It’s in this way that I discovered the Schooner EXACT 3-Grid IPA.

A few weeks ago, I was conversing with my coworker who sits about 36 inches away from me and (probably for that reason) politely keeps track of my articles here on PorchDrinking. He mentioned offhandedly that his favorite brewery was Schooner EXACT and that, out of all the Seattle breweries, their beers are always the ones he comes back to over and over again. Realizing that I had yet to review a Schooner EXACT brew for, I was immediately intrigued and asked for his suggestions, which is how we landed upon today’s topic – the Schooner EXACT 3-Grid IPA.

The 3-Grid IPA pours a golden, clear color with a dense, off-white head. It leaves a sticky lacing on the glass throughout the drink. The nose is fairly mild with hints of pine and citrus hops as well as a slight sweetness. But the first sip is really what sets this IPA apart. The beer runs smoothly through an impressive variety of flavors – first citrus hops, then caramel malt, a brief breadiness, and orange zest – before ending with a floral, piney aftertaste. The beer is hoppy but not overly harsh, and the mouthfeel is superb – crisp, refreshing, and tasty without being excessively bitter or chewy.

Overall, the 3-Grid IPA is EXACTly (get it?) what I wish for in an IPA – a beer that’s flavorful enough to satisfy my taste buds, but is crisp enough to drink for an entire evening. The nuanced flavors and the hoppy finish combine to deliver a kick that establishes the beer as a true Pacific Northwest IPA.

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