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Pipeworks Brewing Co. | Sunburst Peacock

Pipeworks Brewing Co. | Sunburst Peacock
Mike Zoller

One of my favorite series of beers right now is Pipeworks Brewing’s Fish Series of Imperial IPAs. The brewery rolls these beers out continuously over the year, while throwing a new fish into the pond every so often. Typically these beers feature Citra hops, honey, a tropical ingredient or two, and of course, a high ABV. The newest fish to swim (puns will stop) amongst the others is Sunburst Peacock. Like the others, Sunburst Peacock highlights Citra hops and honey — the adjunct ingredient in this particular release is guava purée.

I always enjoy drinking the Fish Series from Pipeworks because it puts me in a summer frame of mind. While these beers pack a punch at around 9.5% ABV, they are very well balanced, floral, and easy to drink. Usually I’ll drink the entire bomber… which can lead to an interesting evening. 

Pipeworks Sunburst
In Sunburst Peacock, you get the guava right away in the aroma. It’s a strong tropical smell that can be mistaken for mango, papaya, or any other tropical fruit, really. The beer pours a perfect hazy golden color with nice lacing around the glass. On first taste you’ll get the strong tropical flavors, but unlike the other Fish Series, the flavor gives way to the honey towards the end.

Overall, the different ingredients play off of each other so well from first smell to the last taste. As the temperatures rise here in Chicago, Sunburst Peacock, as well as the other Fish Series beers, will be perfect for a warm evening or a Sunday afternoon of drinking.

The Fish Series beers are easy to drink and can be enjoyed by anyone — even those that claim they don’t like IPAs. Sunburst Peacock doesn’t display the overt bitterness you might find in a standard IPA. The honey and guava balance out the beer so well that it’s pleasing to even the most casual of beer drinkers.

I’ll always recommend a Fish Series to anyone who asks for a good IPA in the city, and Sunburst Peacock is no exception. If you like fruity, sweet IPAs — this is a can’t miss. Pipeworks makes big beers in small batches (their tagline), and the Fish Series beers tend to fly off of the shelves. I can’t wait for the next round of bottles to come out.

Mike Zoller is the Chicago Editor for Follow him on Instagram: @chicagobeer and PorchDrinking Chicago’s Twitter feed: @porchdrinkchi

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