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Melvin Brewing | Hubert MPA

Melvin Brewing | Hubert MPA

ABV: 6% | IBU: 66.6

So, you know when a Magician does a magic trick and you have no idea how it happened? Well, that’s the kind of hocus-pocus that goes into each and every one of Melvin Brewing’s exceptional beers. With over 50+ years of experience in all corners of the Melvin Clan, there’s some true mad science behind it all. Like most good beers, the magic is in the hops. Melvin Brewing breaks the rules in all hop-science. Now you see it, now you don’t. And to think that some of the best IPA’s in the world are being churned out of Wyoming may be quite a surprise to most; our Colorado PorchDrinkers have recently become the believers in all things Melvin and all that they are doing up in the North as they have increased distribution through our friends over at Crooked Stave Artisans!

“Hubert? I’ve heard of him. A friend of a friend knows him. Apparently he’s awesome, but we’ve never met. Well. It’s about time you did. Most you connoisseurs would just call him an IPA, but we call him an MPA; the Melvin Pale Ale. A welcomed hand shake to your taste buds that is Light, crisp, fresh and a little bitty bitter. Let’s just say he won’t be that jerk that leaves you at the bar at 2am. He’s low in alcohol. What a nice guy… that Hubert.”

Hubert is Melvin IPA’s little brother.  Cut from the same cloth and/or shaken from the same tree. Hubert packs in big flavor in the shadow of IPA but your taste buds need to fret not, Hubert came to party and the real winners are your nose and gullet. Tendrils of bright floral notes cascade on the end of the nose with great penchant. Big citrus and resin’y hops exploding behind a cracker malt backbone on the subsequent gulps. Lacing is the only thing left in my glass, even though I try to shake that out too.

Hubert MPA

Clocking in at 6% as opposed to the 7.5% of Melvin IPA, Hubert is ready to session. He doesn’t want to blow out your palate but he is not about to let you drink swill at your next barbecue. Hubert MPA is the perfect hop bomb for those looking to crush a handful of IPA’s without having to get obliterated while doing it.

Keep an eye out for cans around town of Hubert and his big brother Melvin IPA, and 2 x 4 Double IPA.

Melvin Brewing Cans

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