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Creature Comforts | Tritonia w/ Cucumber & Lime

Photo courtesy of Creature Comforts
Mark Elliot

It’s been well-documented over the past couple of years that fruit is taking over the beer scene. There is tons of watermelon beer, a handful of pineapple beer, a gaggle of mango beer, a plethora of blueberry beer… you get the idea. But didn’t we learn that healthy eating is about your fruits AND your vegetables?! All too often, a vegetable taste or smell in beer is because of a brewing error. Not to get too technical or sciencey, but it has to do with dimethyl sulfides dissolving back into the cooling wort, or even a rogue bacteria getting into the brew, and it can create a corn, cabbage or sauerkraut taste and smell. But when vegetables are done purposefully, and done well, it opens up a whole new category of beer awesomeness.

This is where Creature Comforts Brewing Company has absolutely nailed it again. Tritonia with Cucumber and Lime is absolutely a vegetable beer in the best way possible. As relaxing as a spa day with fresh cucumbers on your eyes, or as refreshing as those fancy shmancy waters with cut cucumbers can be, this is a welcome brew for a hot summer day. It is absolutely cucumber forward. Let me repeat that in another way… if you don’t like cucumbers, don’t get this beer. But if you DO enjoy a cucumber or two, this is a must find. To balance out the cucumbers, there is a bit of sour from the limes, and it does end with a hint of salt from the gose base. All of this works together for a very balanced, and easy drinking, perfect summer beer. It may take some seeking, as Creature Comforts is just about as hot as the temperature outside right now, but you will be handsomely rewarded when you come across it.

Cucumber and Lime
Photo courtesy of B. Britnell

And yes, this totally counts as eating your vegetables. Not buying that? Well then go mow the lawn first so you can earn this reward beer. In either case, don’t feel bad about drinking this one on repeat through the summer… as long as you can find enough of it to do so.

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  1. Dave

    Speaking of Cucumber. Noon Whistle brewery in Lombard Illinois, outside of Chicago, brews a fantastic Cucumber Saison.

    “Cucumber Saison 4.8% – Spices from yeast, black peppers and garam are cooled by cucumbers, creating a beer with a little big of spice but drinks like a lager.”

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