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Omaha Brewing Company | Hannahatchee Creek IPA

Hannahatchee Creek IPA

ABV: 6.6% | IBU: 53.3

Once upon a time, there was a dentist who lived in Omaha, Georgia. Much like a molar’s roots function to secure the tooth, Doctor Robert Lee’s familial roots kept him in Omaha. I will not apologize for the tooth analogy. Doc Lee, as he was known around town, wasn’t going anywhere, and he decided Omaha needed a bit of a boost.   

With the help of Brewmaster Nick Fowler, formerly at Atlanta’s Red Brick Brewery, Omaha Brewing Co. came to be. Not to worry—just because I used the past tense in the previous paragraph, Doc Lee is alive and well and doing just fine down in Omaha. In fact, he is such a family man, that the Omaha Brewing Family goes on an annual pheasant hunt. True Story. 

Omaha Brewing Family Pheasant Hunt Hannahatchee Creek IPA.
Courtesy Omaha Brewing Company

And so I offer up for consideration Omaha Brewing’s Hannahatchee Creek IPA. This American style IPA is slightly hazy and copper in color with a nice floral front on the nose. Beyond the pine and bready aroma a nice malt, characterized with slight caramel, backs it up. And there is enough of a citrus finish to make what I’d call a bright IPA. It lacks the bitterness that turns some folks off but has enough body and heft to ask for seconds and thirds – medium and smooth, it’s a great beer.

Hannahatchee Creek IPA.
Courtesy Omaha Brewing Company

Interesting to note is the fact that Omaha Brewing uses all-natural artesian well water, which gives all their brews a very clean profile. The aquifer source is completely natural and needs no chemical enhancement or treatment—it is unique to the environment.

Finally, I asked someone from Omaha, Georgia how to get there, and this is what he said: “Jump in the Chattahoochee River somewhere around the south side of Columbus, let yourself float, say, round about ten miles, then climb out on the bank and you’ll be in Omaha. That’s about the best way I can tell you.”

True story.

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