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Ultimate 6er | Surviving Your Big Move

Ultimate 6er | Surviving Your Big Move
John Amantea

After nearly three years with two awesome roommates, I’m moving this weekend. And for the first time in 27 years of existing, I won’t be living with someone else. Exciting? You’re damn right. Stressful? You have no idea. Moving is one of those experiences when no matter how sure you are that you’re absolutely sure you have everything under control, there’s always something you’re missing. You might know where every single thing is going to go and the exact layout for your ideal living room, but once someone asks if you have dish rags your whole plan falls to shambles. Luckily, in the grand scheme, this big step and all the accompanying madness will all be worth it. Here are the six beers to get you through your big move.

Arrogant Bastard Ale | Arrogant Brewing

Arrogant Bastard Ale
Photo courtesy of Arrogant Bastard

“Oh yeah, man, you’ve got this. You can totally carry this dresser by yourself!” you confidently say as you stare down the hand-me-down behemoth that you forgot actually weighs as much as you do. But once you get down to it and try to lift the thing until you’re red in the face, you begin to realize that current you isn’t nearly as strong as college you was. Sheepishly, you admit that you need a hand and call for backup. Just make sure you catch your breath and wipe the sweat from your face before your buddies come in and see how much effort you put into nothing.

All Day IPA | Founders Brewing

Founders All Day IPA
Photo courtesy of Founders Brewing Co.

Don’t try to deny it. Not even a little bit. No matter how organized you think you might be and how perfectly planned and executed you think this move is, it’s going to take all day. When you wake up at 8 a.m. on a Saturday with the best intentions of whipping through all this work, deep down you know that this is going to take more than the three hours you promised your friends it would take. Just embrace it. It makes each passing hour a little more tolerable.

National Bohemian Beer | National Bohemian

Photo courtesy of National Bohemian Beer

As with any physical activity, it’s imperative that you stay hydrated. Water’s the smart choice here but you know what makes moving more fun? A faint buzz. Natty Bo keeps you hydrated enough to keep going and aloof enough to forget that you’ve sweated through your shirt before noon.

Pack Rat Pilsner | Double Wing Brewing Co. (formerly Cellar Rats Brewery)

Photo courtesy of Double Wing Brewing

You’ve assembled every single cardboard box, packed every belonging carefully and strategically and taped every last parcel before the contents could erupt all over the floor. Now that you’ve managed to get everything boxed and sealed, all those years of blistered thumbs from playing Tetris on your Gameboy have brought to this: loading the truck. Without hesitation you pack and stack with newfound quickness and deftness that amazes everyone including you. Once finished you can’t figure out if that’s pride you’re feeling from having masterfully packed a 12-foot truck in 10 minutes or disappointed that all those perfect rows didn’t disappear like you always imagined they would.

All for One Session IPA | The Brew Kettle

At this point you know better than anyone that no man is an island and there’s no way you could have done all of this yourself. All your friends and family who helped you pick your new place, pack everything, calm you down when you panicked as each day crept closer to move-in and still stuck around to lend a hand on the big day. No matter how stressful or mountainous the whole experience is, at least you have a team of people who care to help you when you need it.

Namaste White | Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales

Photo courtesy of Dogfish Head

It’s all over. You made it and lived to tell the tale! All the figurative and literal heavy lifting is done, your furniture is set just right and every last detail has fallen into place. The big move is finally over and what’s left? Peace. The hard work is over and you can finally relax. So when your friends ask if you want to go out and grab a cold one after the long day, you can calmly say, “Nah’m-a-stay and take a nap.”

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