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Our 20 Favorite Beer Names from GABF 2017

Juice Willis: Dry Hop with a Vengeance
Zoe Lanterman

With more than 3,500 beers being poured at GABF this past weekend from approximately 800 breweries, you probably did’t get a chance to try them all. In fact you probably didn’t even stop to look at every single beer being poured at the festival. We certainly didn’t get a chance to try every beer either, we did do some extensive investigating of the beers at GABF and compiled a list of our favorite beer names.

Be fore-warned, it has become very evident that brewers love puns, and this list chock-full of them.

1) Rock Out with Maibock Out

Bock | Hailstorm Brewing

C’mon, don’t act like you didn’t snicker just a bit. This shit is about to get a whole lot punnier.

2) Brad Pitt-less Watermelon Blonde

Belgian Style Fruit Beer | 3 Freaks Brewery

This beer is definitely a looker like its namesake, and tastes pretty good too.

3) #QuadGoals

Belgian-Style Dubbel or Quadrupel | 515 Brewing

This is what happens when GABF and the year 2017 collide at full speed… you get a social media inspired beer. At least you can enjoy it with your squad.

4) Yeast of Eden – Skeptics & Believers

American-Style Sour Ale | Alvarado Street Brewing

John Steinbeck would approve of this American style Sour.

5) Vladislav, Baby Don’t Hurt Me

Wood or Barrel-Aged Strong Stout | Diebolt Brewing

Don’t trust the Ruskies with anything other than RIS


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6) I Hate Mondays

American Style Imperial Porter | 350 Brewing

Sometimes the only thing getting us through the beginning of the week is a tasty beer treat at the end of the day so this one rings a little too close to home.

7) Tears of My Enemies

Chocolate Beer | Monday Night Brewing

Is this because of what 350 Brewing said Monday Night Brewing? Please don’t take these name that seriously.

8) Should I Stay or Should I Gose

Historical Beer | Atlas Brew Works

For fans of the Clash and German style Goses this beer is perfect.

9) Better Life Choices

American Style IPA | Atwater Brewing

Whether this is allusion to drinking more beer or the exact opposite the saying can be applicable. either way.

10) Can’t Find a Bitter Man

English Style Extra Special Bitter | Begyle Brewing

Ouch this is what happens when you swim too deep into online dating apps after drinking one too many barley pops.


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11) Turnip the Beets

Belgian Style Tripel | Bull & Bush Brewery

Banging on a trash can, strummin on a street light… killer tofu.

12) Do You Even Lift Bro?

American Style IPA | Evil Genius Beer Co

But really do you even lift? Let’s go skull some coldie IPAs brah.

13) The Most Interesting Lager in The World

Vienna Style Lager | Ex Novo Brewing

Because you may not always drink lagers, but when you do…

14) Beer Salad

Field Beer | Jellyfish Brewing

Not event sure why we find this one amusing but perhaps because it’s a big salad… a big beer salad.

15) A Slice of Hefen

South German Style Hefeweizen | La Cumbre Brewing

Beers like this really do take us to a holier place.

16) My Lil Brony

Session Beer | M.I.A. Beer

Friendship and crushable beers are both magic.

17) Ants on a Lager

Vienna Style Lager | Short’s Brewing

Can we stop pretending ants on a log was actually a good snack? Luckily you don’t need to pretend about this beer.


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18) Boom! Citra Laka

Imperial IPA | Steady Habit Brewing

I said a boom citra boom… Don’t act like you don’t remember this from camp.

19) Bohemian Tapsody

Bohemian Style Pilsner | TAPS Fish House

Is this the real life, is this just fantasy?

20) Juice Willis: Dry Hop with a Vengeance IPA

American Style IPA | The Wrecking Bar Pub

OK, this is hands down the best name. The end.

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  1. Blueberry

    How the hell could’ve “Irish I was a Little Bit Taller” not too this list? Fraudulent without it.

  2. JM

    Isn’t Beyle’s “Can’t Find a Bitter Man” a play on a Pearl Jam song lyric? A few of their beers are named after rock songs.

  3. Cherry Busey.

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