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Home for the Holidays Drinking Game

Home for the Holidays Drinking Game
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This week, many of us will pack our bags and head home to visit family, friends and loved ones alike. But the holidays can be stressful and many occasions can arise that might require a stiff drink. In true PorchDrinking fashion, we’ve created a drinking game for when you’re home for the holidays, because the holidays are generally more enjoyable with a little buzz.

Take One Drink When...These Require a Little Extra Swigs
When you discover a new brewery has opened in your hometown
When someone in your old friend group starts a sentence with "Remember in high school when..."
When your Dad tells a "dad" joke
When you receive a holiday gift you'll never actually use
When a relative asks for your help with technology
When you see your friends and immediately pick right back up on your squad's old inside jokes
When someone mentions politicsTake a drink, and come with backup, its gonna be a long night
When your flight is delayedBelly up to the airport bar and enjoy a drink
When you discover a friend has gotten engagedTake a drink then get a few swipes in on the dating app of your choice
When you sleep in past Noon because you've got nothing else to doIt's past Noon you're late to your first drink
When family mentions how much weigh you've gainedTake a drink and change the subject to Star Wars
When you run into someone from high school who acts like your long lost friend despite barely speaking to you back in the dayTake a drink and buy one for the friends you actually care about.
When a relative brings up net neutralityTake a drink and post it to social media
When your friends insist that you come over to meet their babiesTake one long drink then pour one out for your fallen comrades
Whenever A Christmas Story comes on TVTake a drink with one eye closed
If you still fit into your old clothesYou definitely deserve a drink
When you have to work on ChristmasDrink from your secret desk flask
When the Grinch’s heart grows three sizesPour a round for everyone
When you think of someone you're thankful forGet off your phone/computer and go enjoy a drink with that person

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