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The Weekly Buzz | January 26 – February 1

Weekly Buzz
Dan Bortz

Foxboro, Mass. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, and the New England Patriots are no exception to this. Our heroes, the Philadelphia Eagles, are about to meet these cheaters on the gridiron and bring the Lombardi Trophy home to the City of Brotherly Love. I know you’re all rooting for the right team. You’re impatient for the game to start. So, why not read a bunch of tweets about beer? This is The Weekly Buzz.

From Wentz we came. In Foles we trust.

Fly Eagles Fly.

Did you celebrate with a Gruit?

Time to form a posse!

Coming soon to Canton, OH!

This looks like it was a pretty wild time… Get it? Wild?

When 39 firkins just isn’t enough…

Are you betting on the Super Bowl? These breweries are!

Have I mentioned which team I want to win the Super Bowl?

Happy Anniversary!

They invited a few of their closest friends.

That’s way better than a pot of gold!

Has he heard of the light bulb?

Just in case flowers and chocolates aren’t your thing.

Did you guys see that crazy moon?!

Celebrate International Women’s Day with this beer!

Start checking those shelves, AZ!

Be prepared! These tickets are gonna sell quick!

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