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Civil Life Brewing Company | American Brown Ale

Civil Life Brewing Company | American Brown Ale
Kevin Hartnett

What comes to mind when you picture a flagship? Now think a bit harder and get past the Boston Lager, Fat Tire, and each of the IPAs available nationwide. What are the standard flagships available are your local favorite breweries? My guess is you are thinking of several more IPAs ranging from extra hoppy to sessionable, a few more pale ales, and maybe, maybe a stout here or there.

Now don’t get me wrong, this showcase is not an attack on any of those flagships or styles we all know and love, but how cool and unique is a flagship Brown Ale? I’m talking specifically of St. Louis’ own American Brown Ale from Civil Life Brewing Company. We talked about American Brown a few years back, but such a pleasant and unique flagship like this deserves some more love.

Like a lot of other flagships, American Brown started as a wonderful batch of homebrew. Tinkered over through several different iterations, the final product is a perfect concoction of smooth maltiness. Notes of coffee and bitter chocolate are hit before eventually giving way to a soft caramel finish. To achieve this flavor profile, Civil Life used English Maris Otter, American pale malt, and then tossed in some brown and Carafa dark malts. Add heaps of American Cascade hops and ferment with American ale yeast and there you have it.

This Flagship February offering fits right in with the season, but don’t be scared to enjoy this in the middle of summer either. Though darker than maybe you usually prefer on a 90-degree day while you’re sweating over a hot grill, it will pair perfectly with that steak or pork chop you are cooking up.

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