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What We’re Drinking | March 8th, 2019

What We're Drinking
Anna Dacosta

This is the best time! The days are getting longer and I get some daylight when I get home from work, which makes me feel like my day isn’t shot in the dark… literally! I can’t wait to change these clocks forward. If the days feel like they are going by quickly, buckle up because they are about to speed up. It gets super busy where I live around this time. I don’t blame people for wanting to ditch their socks for sandals. Florida is a great place to warm up and enjoy a cold brew. I’ll make sure to stock up on beer for any friends or family that come in from up north to thaw out and relax here. We are working on a nice variety in this week’s What We’re Drinking.

Warp Tube | Modern Times

Pseudo Sue | Toppling Goliath

Doppleganger | Tree House Brewing

Mmm… Fruit Dream | Other Half

Do Not Touch the Flamingos | Fiction Beer Company

“Very few flamingos were touched in the making of this picture. We’re so spoiled in CO… it’s been like two days without sunshine and today when the sun was out I felt like a mole person emerging from a long hibernation. But it also made me ready for spring. And…flamingos. I guess.” – Seth Garland / Photo: @tkmedia on Instagram

Big Jilm | Post Falls


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