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Forgotten Boardwalk | 1916 Shore Shiver

Forgotten Boardwalk | 1916 Shore Shiver
E.G. Metts

Pretty soon the days will become even longer and the temperatures will continue to get hotter. If you live in the mid-Atlantic, you also understand the oppressive humidity. Some of us are lucky enough to be born into this swamp state with a huge shoreline while others flock here in the summer. To battle the upcoming season, you’ll most certainly need a beer; I’d recommend Forgotten Boardwalk 1916 Shore Shiver.

The Beer

Brewed in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, 1916 Shore Shiver is an American IPA clocking in at 6.9% ABV. This beer’s huge hop bill includes Mandarina Bavaria, El Dorado and Comet in the boil with a dry hop of El Dorado, Huell Melon, Cascade, Denali and Mosiac. Pouring an amber to copper-colored body with a tawny/off white head, it gives off aromas of pear, papaya, apple (NOT acetaldehyde), hay and sweet orange. Flavor follows the nose with the addition of pine and a biscuit-like sweetness. Shore Shiver has a drying, tannic feel to it but the underlying sweetness, dry hopping and finish of stone fruit flavors keep everything in balance.

Forgotten boardwalk shore shiver. Photo by Erik Mettrock

“1916 Shore Shiver”

Forgotten Boardwalk seemingly has a love for the “peculiar,” especially when it comes to New Jersey. Therefore, it’s not a surprise the name 1916 Shore Shiver is a reference to the state’s history and folklore. The beer gets its name from a spree of shark attacks in the early 20th century. I grew up around the area of this occurrence (C-Beach represent) so the “campfire” story I heard as a kid is this: “In the early 1900s a shark, (which many people claim was a bull shark but was actually a juvenile great white) swam up Matawan Creek, causing panic in the community. The people threw dynamite and nets into the water in an attempt to capture the shark. Some say the predator was found with everything from tires to license plates in the stomach while others say it was never found.” That is just the “children’s story” and the true story was said to have inspired the movie Jaws. However, as to not make light of the situation and out of respect for those involved, you can read the true story here for yourself.


Forgotten Boardwalk’s 1916 Shore Shiver is close to an old-school IPA without being “too classic.” Big flavors of sweet stone fruit and classic pine are perfect for the sun and shore. You can find Shore Shiver and other beers in Forgotten Boardwalk’s lineup all over New Jersey. There are still a few more months before the big Memorial Day rush, but be safe on these beaches and definitely look for Forgotten Boardwalk’s 1916 Shore Shiver.

Featured image courtesy of Forgotten Boardwalk.

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