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Ask the Experts: Spring Beers They’re Excited About

Ask the Experts: Spring Beers They’re Excited About
Taylor Laabs

Flowers bloom, jackets get placed in storage and new beer makes its way onto store shelves. If the recent weather is any indication, spring is right around the corner. And while I don’t want to jinx it, I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t already daydreaming of new spring releases and returning seasonals that pair well with warmer temps and added sunshine. Thankfully, I’m not alone in that sentiment. Spring is an exciting time for craft brewers as darker beers retreat to their barrels and lighter and fruitier options come into prominence. This spring might be even more adventurous for beer releases as craft brewers continuously compete to address changing consumer preferences amongst the surging popularity of lighter alcohol options, wine and spiked seltzer.

To help provide a full perspective on what the folks in the industry are most excited to drink this spring, I asked craft brewers across the nation to gather their thoughts. Here is what they said.

Off Color Brewing | Head Brewer Nick Wisniewski

“Outside of our beers: Spots making its return and Town Musicians, our new Maibock style lager making its debut this spring, I am always excited to see Sierra Nevada’s Summerfest lager back on the shelves.”

Noon Whistle Brewing Co. | Co-Owner Mike Condon

“We are working on bringing back some wheat beers we have done. A tradition German Hefeweizen and a Grapefruit wheat we call Peel. In general, it’s just great to think we should all soon want something to drink to cut a thirst from the warmer temperatures.”

Upslope Brewing Co. | Lead Brewer of the Lee Hill facility Alex Meyer

“Spring weather in Colorado can be a complete mixed bag of sunshine and snowstorms, resulting in some indecision in which beers sound satisfying at the moment. Even with erratic weather, I’m always looking forward to drinking more crisp, clean pilsners or a well-balanced hefeweizen to remind me of the balmy months on the horizon.” 

New Holland Brewing Co. | Brand Manager Dominic Bergquist

“We’re really excited about kicking off spring with our new Kombucha IPA. Our pubs have been brewing hard kombucha for years and we found that blending it with an awesome IPA makes for a killer brew. The lemon and ginger really pop and make it super refreshing!”

Lady Justice Brewing | Co-Founder Betsy Lay

“We have a new rose blonde ale recipe that we’ll be brewing through the spring and summer. It has a low ABV with rose and vanilla notes and begs to be enjoyed on a porch with some sunshine, which we will do… often.”

Avery Brewing | Director of Brewing Operations Fred Rizzo

“I’m excited for the Brut style this spring. When it’s done well it’s crisp, clean, dry and aromatic and lends itself perfectly to the season and all other seasons really!”

Surly Brewing | Head Brewer Ben Smith

“Being from Minnesota, spring is a damn-near spiritual awakening for me. Baseball returns, snow melts, patios open and beer flows like water as we celebrate being able to be outside without dying. At Surly, I’m stoked to be making the perfect beer for patio weather: Rosé. This lager is brewed in the brut style and fermented with just a kiss of strawberry and black currant and finished with champagne yeast to get at the essence of a great sparkling Rosé wine. This is a beer you can make a session of.”

21st Amendment Brewing | Co-Founder & Brewmaster Shaun O’Sullivan

“Spring is always a great time of year as winter is (hopefully) shaken off, hibernation ends and there is the return of lively beers. The brewers at Troeggs have a new release coming out with their First Cut Mango IPA with Comet and Simcoe hops and mango. Mango is a great ingredient in beer as certain hop varietals have mango flavor characteristics and it plays well within the IPA style. I also like fruit in beer, when done right. At 21st Amendment, we certainly have experience with that. This beer inspires me to want to brew with mango.”

New Belgium Brewing | Research & Development Brewer Cody Reif

“Traditionally in the spring I really like pale ales. They’re nice and hoppy without being overwhelming. My favorites are Half Acres Daisy Cutter, Mirror Pond from Deschutes and Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale. This year however I think I’ll be drinking a ton of our Mural Agua Fresca Cerveza. It’s super light, fruit forward and refreshing. A perfect pair to all those freshly opened patios.”

Founders Brewing Co. | Brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki

“It’s been a rough winter here in Michigan, so this coming spring season has me excited for something tart and refreshing like a Gose. Our Green Zebra has the added fruity touch of watermelon which should go perfectly with some warmer weather.”

Deschutes Brewery | Director of Product Development Veronica Vega

“Botanic Ale: shameless excitement for a new beer we are packaging inspired by the gin and tonic. Spring is the launchpad for summer.”

Feature image courtesy of Beverage Daily

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