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Kenai River Brewing Company | Peninsula Brewer’s Reserve

Kenai River Peninsula Brewer's Reserve

Alaska needs to be on everyone’s travel list. One region in particular packs a bunch of the distinct traits that makes Alaska such a unique and special place into one area. With delicious and freshly sourced salmon and halibut on menus throughout the area and the home of the Kenai Fjords National Park, the Kenai Peninsula is a where you can experience a truly authentic Alaskan adventure!

Spend some time out on the water kayaking or enjoy some hiking, and take in all the wildlife and landscapes you can see from glaciers to whales to moose. And while you are there, you will want to make a stop at the local breweries, like Kenai River Brewing Company, of course! It is vacation after all.

Not Your Dad’s PBR

One beer in particular that Kenai River Brewing Company makes is their Peninsula Brewer Reserve. This straw-colored blonde ale is a refreshing and light-body offering that all palates can enjoy. This approachable ale pours with a vibrant haze topped with a well-foamed head.

When taking a whiff, a pleasant sweet maltiness is detected with a smidgen of fruitiness and wheat bread. When sipping this beer, it fills the mouth with smooth carbonation and a biscuit-like taste. Also picked up, is a delicate spiciness that balances well with the sweet malt flavors that come through. It then finishes with a refreshingly clean dryness.

A Beer Perfect to Bring on An Alaskan Excursion

This crisp, yet flavorful, ale is the perfect beer to grab while out enjoying the long Alaskan summer days. With the sun shining late into the night, make sure you have a few cans of Kenai River’s Peninsula Brewer’s Reserve in your pack as you explore and take in the natural beauty of The Last Frontier and bask in the midnight sun.

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  1. I’ve had the 10yo, Ugi, Corry, and this one comes up poorly against those illustrious names (I’m yet to find a better whisky than the Ugi, at least within what I can afford).
    The An Oa is sweeter and shows off heavier sherry influence than the Ugi but singularly lacks in complexity. It’s closer to the the Laphroaig PX (which I loved), but again lacks the complexity. What kills it for me is the thin, watery mouthfeel. I also get more young spirit -y flavor in this than what I’d have preferred. Net-net, tastes like a marketing gimmick more than the quality I’ve come to associate with Ardberg. Sadly
    Ruou ngoai thanh nien

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