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Odell Brewing Co. | 180 Shilling

Odell Brewing Co. | 180 Shilling
Zach Clevenger

Odell Brewing Co. has always had a great beer lineup. Whether you are a fan of hoppy beers or more unique and/or aged beers, it seems as if Odell makes a beer that you’re bound to enjoy. Since Colorado has an abundance of fantastic breweries, it’s quite an accomplishment that Odell is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. To celebrate, they decided to pay tribute to their flagship beer from 30 years ago, 90 Shilling.

180 Shilling is the double version of the original 90 Shilling that has also been aged in oak barrels to add even more complexity to the flavor profile. The name 90 Shilling comes from the Scottish method of taxing beer, where beer was classified by price rather than type.

The 180 Shilling pours a nice reddish brown color with a good amount of head that slowly dissipates. The aroma is very malty with hints of spices, mild chocolate, brown sugar and vanilla. The oak adds some very nice aroma to this beer. 

The taste opens with notes of toffee and caramel followed by all of that malty goodness and some smoke. Little to no hop flavor can be tasted, which is appropriate for this beer style. The oak works well to balance the sweetness of the malts and alcohol. There is definitely some dark fruit on the backend; this beer is very nicely done.

The 180 Shilling is a complex beer with many layers to it. I expect hardcore craft beer fans to really enjoy this, while more casual drinkers might not appreciate it quite as much. Overall, this is a great beer with a rich history that should be enjoyed on special occasions.

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