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Sterling Pig Brewery | Shoat Pilsner

Sterling Pig Brewery | Shoat Pilsner

It is always easy just to follow in the footsteps of a path instead of creating your own. In all aspects of life this rings true. To discover new flavors and possibilities though in the world of craft beer, brewers must challenge the status quo. While others continue to just zig, Sterling Pig Brewery thought why not zag? 

This way of outside-the-box thinking created their award-winning Shoat Pilsner. This Pilsner offers those familiar, crisp flavors true to the style along with an amplified hop presence that takes the idea of a Pilsner to new heights.

Shoat: Bringing the Pilsner into the 21st Century

Purists might scoff, but then it’s ultimately their loss. That is because Sterling Pig has elevated this traditional German-style beer by putting their own cultural twist on it. Shoat, which means young pig, is the perfect name for this beer considering Sterling Pig Brewery added some youthfulness to this long-established style.

Without sacrificing those classic Pilsner flavors, Shoat adds more layers to the profile of what a Pilsner can be. At its core, Shoat Pilsner is a clean-drinking, crisp beer. On the nose is an overall aroma of light, biscuit malts with waves of fresh, grassy hops. It pours a clear, straw color with just the right level of carbonation.

While most Pilsners use Noble hops, Sterling Pig decided to switch things up with their recipe for Shoat. They chose relatively newer hops: Mt. Hood and Crystal. This gives the beer some unique notes mixed in with the subtle sweetness of the malts.

Thanks to these particular hops, there is more of an overall earthy presence. They also give off herbal and floral flavors. Overall, this makes Shoat a well-balanced brew for both new craft beer drinkers or fans of American-style ales looking to explore more German lagers.

Crafting the Next Chapter

The beauty of brewing beer is being able to create whatever the imagination can dream up. There is a reason the word craft is part of the industry’s title.

Instead of sticking to one way of doing things, Sterling Pig thought of expanding the possibilities of what a Pilsner can be. And they did this by taking the tried and true parts of the past and mixed them with the innovation of modern craft beer. Born from that was Shoat Pilsner, which is the ultimate, one-of-a-kind beverage when the moment calls for a flavorful and refreshing drink.

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