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Wellbeing Brewing Company | Hellraiser NA Dark Amber

Wellbeing Brewing Company | Hellraiser NA Dark Amber
Rachel Morrison

Dry January looked much different this year. Now, more than ever, local breweries need consumers’ support to survive. We continue to live through the pandemic and continuous major historical events. As a result, many have decided this isn’t the year to cut out drinking for a month (or at all).

However, for those who participated in alcohol abstinence, you didn’t have to sacrifice flavor. Recently, there has been a surge of non-alcoholic (NA) options in the market. Additionally, there are breweries solely dedicated to it. Meet Wellbeing Brewing Company, a Missouri-based craft brewery focused on non-alcoholic beers. They offer a range of NA styles, all consisting of 0% alcohol but thankfully–plenty of flavor.

Hellraiser NA Dark Amber

Among the brewery’s lineup is Hellraiser NA Dark Amber: a well-rounded, flavorful, full-bodied, amber ale. The beer has great head retention, copper-brown color and a subtly sweet floral aroma. To start, this NA beer looks similar to its regular beer counterparts. Luckily, the flavor is equally impressive. You get some spice from the hops upfront, balanced stone fruit flavor and a nice, smooth finish.


The main thing that stuck out is the complexity of the beer. Many other NA beers feel unfinished, have a concerning aftertaste or simply don’t taste much like beer at all. Hellraiser holds up for beer drinkers and non-drinkers alike. It leaves you satisfied with its complex flavor profile and doesn’t come with any of the negative effects of alcohol. You can find Hellraiser and other NA beers and beverages by Wellbeing at most retailers. Since the beverages don’t contain alcohol, they can ship nationally.

Brewing Process

There are different ways to brew non-alcoholic beer. Often times, these processes yield NA beer that is unenjoyable, leaving consumers disappointed or simply “not seeing the point of NA beer.” Wellbeing does things differently. First, they produce craft beer, with alcohol. Then, they leverage technology to put the finished product into a vacuum, which lowers the boiling point to gently remove the alcohol. This process results in NA beer that had all of the components of beer that contain alcohol including flavor, aroma, mouthfeel and aftertaste. Anyone that has tried multiple NA beers knows that aftertaste is a key differentiator compared to many NA beers in the market.

If you’re looking for non-alcoholic beers, Hellraiser NA Dark Amber is one to try. Wellbeing Brewing has an impressive brewing process, a relatable story for many people and produces incredible beers, just without the ABV% you may be used to. There’s been a recent surge of new non-alcoholic products, from NA beers to hop waters and CBD seltzers. Dry January may be completed, but this option is great alternative year-round.

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