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Ultimate 6er | Spruce Up Your Love Life

Ultimate 6er | Spruce Up Your Love Life
Kindsey Bernhard

February is the month of love and Valentine’s Day just passed. Like most people, you might be having a hard time finding love right now because of COVID-19. That’s okay. PorchDrinking is here to help. This Ultimate 6er is going to help help you “Spruce Up Your Love Life” and guide you to some delicious spruce and pine beers.

Rogue | Yellow Snow


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It’s winter are you a little lonely and quarantine fatigue has really started to hit. You spent Valentine’s Day alone. So, you want to start dating again (it is cuffing season, right?), but this seasonal Pilsner from Rogue makes you realize that your dog is the only companion you need. I mean you did share some strawberries with each on Valentine’s Day. Chocolate covered for you, regular for your best friend. You decide your dog is the only living thing you will ever need in your life. They don’t talk back (most of the time). They are great listeners. They help you get exercise. You don’t have to get dressed up or put makeup on for them. They are the best cuddlers on the planet. And they will always love you unconditionally.

And just a quick reminder: Rogue’s Yellow Snow is the only yellow snow you want to consume.

Masthead Brewing | Sleigh All Day

Over the holidays every single family member asked you (virtually) whether or not you had a boyfriend or girlfriend. Mom and Dad wouldn’t stop asking when they are getting grandkids, that aren’t four-legged and furry. You are determined that by the next holiday family get-together you can prove to Aunt Susan that you are capable of having someone like you. You decide it’s time to start dating again. So go ahead, download Tinder, Bumble or Hinge and start swiping.

Definitely swipe right on this Spruce Tip IPA from Masthead.

Fifty West Brewing | Trees of Tahoe

Ah, nature. You’ve probably made an attempt to spend more time with the great outdoors this past year. When you finally got asked out on a date, you absolutely agree on a hiking date this coming Saturday afternoon. However, you didn’t know it was a 5-mile hike up what you believed to be was Mount Kilimanjaro. During the date, you did your best to keep up, and not act like you were completely struggling to keep up with Bear Grylls. The next day you woke up completely store in places you didn’t know you could be sore in, like your arms? You didn’t even really use your arms unless they were to put on your waist when you needed a minute to catch your breath.

This Pale Ale from Fifty West Brewing is the perfect beer to recover with on your couch the next day.

Short’s Brewing | Imperial Spruce Pilsner

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After making small talk with your Uber Eats delivery guy or gal for the third time this month, you finally agree to grab some socially distant and safe drinks. You close the door and smile over your chicken tikka masala excited about finally having a date. You can’t wait to finally put on some jeans and do your hair. However, after a week of agreeing to drinks, you totally don’t want to go. You cancel saying your dog has been acting weird and you want to keep an eye on your best boi or gurl. Then, you turn on Peaky Blinders and binge-watch all of season 2.

This Imperial Pilsner is the perfect beer to see what trouble the Shelby Family gets into this season.

Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery | New Growth Summer Spruce Tip IPA

Like this beer, you decided after a short run at it, you are going to retire from dating. You might pull a Rob Gronkowski or Michael Jordan and come out of retirement to find another winner, but right now you’re done. You’re exhausted. You’re ready to focus on yourself and grow as a person. You’re ready to pick up a new hobby like crocheting or learning to play the cello. Either way, this is a time for you to grow and become a better you.

If this beer wasn’t retired, Jackie O’s New Groth IPA would be the perfect beer to enjoy after your ASL classes.

Lawson’s Finest Liquids | Still Single

If after all these attempts to spruce up your love life, you’re still single, that’s okay. Because you know what? You will always have one thing that’s going to always be there for you. Beer.

So enjoy a Still Single from Lawson’s Finest Liquids and enjoy the fact you can do whatever you want, when you want. Like drink a beer at 10:00 am.

Editor’s disclaimer: Kindsey Bernhard is not an expert in love and dating. She does know a lot about beer and has a dog. 

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