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Rethinking Your POS System With Arryved

Emma Wargolet

This post was sponsored by Arryved.

When it comes to a point-of-sale system, most software companies try to incorporate too many unnecessary features in an attempt to cater to a wide variety of industries and use cases. However, when Arryved was developing their platform, they knew specifically that they were building this out for breweries, leading to the ability to be more innovative and specialized towards the brewing industry. Despite having breweries in mind, Arryved is also fully functional for full-service kitchens, brewpubs and restaurants. The flexibility of Arryved, along with many additional benefits, allows their POS system to stand out in a sea of systems that were not designed for the craft beer world.

I spoke with Nancy Trigg, the GCO and President of Arryved and Alex Ostler, the Head of Marketing there, to discuss how Arryved can help a brewery with data, customer relationships, operational.

What is Arryved?

Most importantly, Arryved is positioned to be a point of service system, not a point of sale. Their goal is to provide a system that does more than merely count your sales at the end of the day and run credit cards, and a large part of that is making it smart for the customer as well as the company, which includes your front-of-house staff. When bartenders and servers use a smart system that enhances their productivity, your customers are happier as a result.

Long bar lines will be a thing of the past when customers can simply order and pay directly on their phones. Traditional POS systems are built for your typical restaurant experience or a retail transaction, while Arryved is designed for a mobile guest (though Arryved is also built to work for a typical restaurant experience as well if that is what someone needs). The customer’s tab follows them from the pool table to seeing a friend who is with another group back to their original bar seat. This technology enhances the guest experience without replacing human interaction, something we desperately need after this past year.


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Why Choose Arryved?

As mentioned above, Arryved is a point of service system. Thus, it is built for the customer, which truly elevates their experience and gives them yet another reason to keep coming back to your brewery, brewpub or restaurant. When signing up for Arryved, breweries and restaurants have an actual human at Arryved that helps them from initial set up through the launch — they will be available to them for any questions for the duration of them using Arryved. Additionally, the training provided to the service staff is top notch; they ensure that the entire place of business is well-versed in what they need to know prior to launch.

This point of service system provides features that many others do not. Features include a loyalty program that breweries/restaurants can set up directly through the system with their customer service representative, the ability to change the menu easily within the system, built-in tip pooling, the ability to keep tabs open without holding onto a credit card, contactless payment and more. There is also a superb to-go sales feature, so the brewery does not need a separate system for to-go sales, which has undoubtedly become a much more critical offering for any brewery. This is also the case for restaurants and brewpubs that have relied on to-go food heavily this past year. As someone who has used my fair share of POS systems, this would make me want to ask a business if they used Arryved before I started working there.

“I was interviewing my new chef the other day and he asked me about my point of sale. I said, ‘If these people asked me to go to war for them, I think I’d say yes.’ He said, ‘That’s the weirdest thing to say about a point of sale.’ I don’t know how to explain my loyalty to them but that’s kind of where I’m at.” – Kali Gajewski, Owner of Sedona Beer Co.

Aside from these many benefits, one of the main reasons to choose Arryved is the level of data provided to the business, an invaluable tool for any company, but especially those significantly impacted by the pandemic.

The Data Behind the Curtain

When talking to Trigg and Ostler, one thing that struck me was exactly HOW much data Arryved collects. As a data nerd who goes into Google Analytics daily (I’m really fun at parties), it was great to learn about all the different data that this system intakes and analyzes. It is clear that in the Arryved build out, the team really thought about what type of data breweries and brewpubs should have and maybe even some data that they did not realize they could use until now. Types of data that Arryved collects includes, but is not limited to:

  • Ounces poured: This lists out how many tasters, pints, 10oz pours of each type of style you sold and can help inform decisions regarding production.
  • Tab tags: This is a great feature that allows you to tag groups as certain tags. For example, say there is a softball league that you sponsor. Every time they come in, you can tag all of the tabs as “Softball League” and you can see how much money was made from that league, helping you decide if it was a worthwhile investment.
  • Employee Performance: While most POS systems have individual logins for employees to keep track of sales, Arryved includes the ability to see sales by category, by product, etc. This would be a great way to incentivize employees to push certain products more, from a Barrel-Aged beer that has a higher profit margin to food items that need to be sold.

One data point that really stood out involved hourly sales by product feature. Most POS systems track total sales for the day and include how much of each product. With Arryved, you get a wrap up of sales per hour and product per hour, which allows businesses to make informed staffing decisions as well as production decisions. Additionally, it actually tracks exactly when something was ordered, rather than when it was paid for. If someone orders lunch at noon but stays for a couple of beers with a friend, their food is attributed to noon, not at 3pm when they pay their bill. Knowing when customers order products is much more important than when they pay for them when it comes to decision making.

“It has been amazing to have your system because it just facilitates so much. The reports and analysis of data, we use it to see what sold at what times. If the sales are low, let’s say on a Wednesday at 3pm, then I bring some programming to compensate, which brings people in. You’ve made our lives very easy.” – Tamil Maldonado Vega, VP of Raices Brewing

Grow Your Business with Arryved

Last but not least, Arryved was built to last. Small breweries or restaurants that are first starting out can grow with Arryved and continue to add to the menu, add employees, update seating when and if they expand and receive the proper training from Arryved when these expansions happen. Places that are already large can easily move from their current POS system over to Arryved, and those that have are glad they did for a variety of reasons, one of which being the extremely talented and available customer service representatives that work for Arryved. 


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“Grand Opening was insane…in the best way possible! Thank you so much to you and the entire team for being so supportive – we absolutely LOVE the partnership we have with you all. Give everyone on the team a high-five from us all!!” – Daniel Krause, Co-Owner of Dueling Ducks Brewing Co.

Choosing the right POS system is more essential to a restaurant or brewery’s success than many think. If you can have a system that focuses on service, provides incredible data and is built for the industry, all for a fair price, why wouldn’t you?

To request a demo from Arryved, please click here.

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