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Peculier Ales | Long Snacks Winter Nights

Peculier Ales Long Snacks
Darren Cockrell

If you find yourself sitting in anticipation for the last snowstorm of the season and one last chance to cozy up next to the fire on a cold night, Peculier Ales Long Snacks Winter Nights might be the perfect beer pairing for you.

Founded in 2020 in Windsor, Colorado, Peculier Ales has been full steam ahead as they have released an array of five-star traditional and modern styles of beers. Their early success has led to a recent opening of a Fort Collins, CO location as well.

Long Snacks Winter Nights is one of many Long Snacks varieties that has been released: this iteration boasting hazelnuts, marshmallows, chocolate and Lima Coffee Roasters coffee. Out of the can it pours a beautiful black amber with a rocky head. The smell is ambrosial and full of green coffee and dark chocolate in a way that is much brighter than most would expect from an 11% ABV stout. The taste is deliberate and doesn’t overstay its welcome the way that other high alcohol motor oil Stouts might. With a short evolution, each sip takes you on a mellow ride through the flavors of smooth coffee and cream, lightly toasted nuts, and a light marbling of roasted marshmallow. It’s crisp cold-brew coffee and Nutella on a piece of artisan bread toast. Try pairing with the fuzziest blanket in your collection, the darkest chocolate you have and your favorite Hallmark Christmas movie.

Peculier Ales Long Snacks
Photo by Andrea Linafelter

Long Snacks Winter Nights is one of many of the Long Snacks series, with others sporting flavors of vanilla, coconut, peanut butter, banana, peppers and more. Stop by Peculier Ales in Windsor or Fort Collins, CO to try one of the six varieties yourself.

Feature image photo from Darren Cockrell, all other photography courtesy of Andrea Linafelter.

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