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Top 5 Reasons to Experience Firestone Walker’s Oaktoberfest this Season

Firestone Walker Oaktoberfest

As we near the end of summer and begin to feel a slight chill in the morning air, it’s natural to begin unpacking your flannel jackets and start transitioning from crisp, easy-drinking Lagers toward more malt-forward ales. But before diving off the deep end and jumping straight into Stout season, we’d be remiss to completely skip over one of the best seasonal beer styles completely.

Firestone Walker has taken the classic Oktoberfest style and imprinted its mark once again with the return of Oaktoberfest. A portion of the beer is lagered in French oak barrels inherited from one of Napa Valley’s top cult wineries which helps to give it a distinctive twist for one of the season’s most iconic styles. Here are 5 reasons why you should rediscover Firestone Walker’s Oaktoberfest.

It’s the Perfect Beer for the Season

As we near the month of September, Pilsners and Kolsches often make way for Oktoberfest Märzens in honor of the German Oktoberfest celebration. In addition to busting our dirndls and lederhosen and jamming out to some polka, there’s not better part of the celebration than hoisting steins filled with Märzen Lagers. Luckily, Firestone Walker’s take nods to the style’s rich tradition with a bit of modern flair.

Blending Multiple Traditional Approaches with a Modern Flair

No beer better represents the straddling of classic and contemporary beer approaches than Oaktoberfest. Brewed as a classic Lager base, Oaktoberfest also nods to further traditional approaches with a portion of the beer experiencing a lagering period in French Oak barrels. While barrel-laged Oktoberfests aren’t exactly the norm during the season, it does make for a more distinctly unique take on the popular seasonal offering.

Showcasing a Balance of Flavors

The autumn season is such a special time of year in that temperatures and tastes vacillate throughout these fleeting few weeks. Luckily, Firestone Walker’s Oaktoberfest features a beautiful malty backbone with subtle notes of rich vanilla flavors imparted from the barrel while also finishing crisp, clean, and relatively easy drinking at only 5.2% ABV.

Firestone Walker OaktoberfestAuthentically Firestone Walker

Over the years Firestone Walker has made a distinct name for itself on a number of different fronts including producing world-renowned Lagers like Pivo Pilsner and Wookey Jack, as well as scratching the curiosity of beer geeks with barrel-aged beer releases like Parabola and FSW’s Anniversary Ale. Oaktoberfest perfectly captures the essence of both of these disciplines for a truly unique beer that bucks tradition.

Specialty Limited Time Offering

Only available from late Summer through Fall, this limited-time seasonal offering will be gone before you know it. Be sure to look for Oaktoberfest at your nearest liquor store before it’s gone for the season.

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