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Half Acre Beer | Green Torch Lime Lager

Half Acre Beer Green Torch
Jason Murphy

We are rapidly approaching the winter season. The mildly warm nights have turned into crisp night air. Summer is long gone, and beach trips now are only to get away from the frosty air. If you find yourself feeling the winter blues already, we have a solution for you. Of course, it is in the form of a delicious craft beer.

Lime Time

What about a nice crispy Lager with a hint of lime to lift you up? Chicago, IL based Half Acre Beer has exactly what you need in the form of their Green Torch Lime Lager.

The brewers focused on the malt bill to build a super clean, super crisp Lager. Tim White, director of marketing for Half Acre Beer, explained that they built a mix of 2-row, Pilsner, Carapils and Flaked Corn.

Then they used CTZ, Saphir and Saaz hops to give the beer enough character that didn’t rely solely on the dose of lime concentrate and lime zest oil to completely define the drinking experience.

Image provided by Half Acre Beer

For the lime flavor, White said that “Our brewers experimented on our pilot system brewing lagers with lime concentrates, extracts and lime zest oils.” There were a series of brews to find the right recipe that produced a pleasant lime aroma and flavor to stimulate your senses without dominating your palate.

Food For Thought?

Green Torch has similarities with Mexican Lagers which lends well to Mexican street food. “We found that this beer really goes well with Filipino and Thai cuisine,” noted White. It’s a highly refreshing Lager to tame spicy heat, while the lime accentuates some of the sweeter ingredients typical to Filipino and Thai food.

We can confirm that Green Torch pairs extremely well with Mexican food. During our tasting, we paired it with some Mexican food from a local restaurant. While it might not have been authentic Filipino or Thai street food, Green Torch seemed to elevate the flavors of our dish.

The initial flavor is that of a well-brewed Lager. It’s crisp and light, yet full of flavor. The lime comes in about mid-palate and slowly dissipates toward the end. Through several trials, Half Acre concocted the perfect recipe for Green Torch. It’s a very well-balanced, clean Lager, we think you would enjoy.

Green Torch is available year-round in 12-ounce 6-packs and 12-packs. So, if you find that you like it, it will be readily available.

All Are Welcome

As a teen, Half Acre founder Gabriel Magliaro lived along the Delaware River. Gabriel would cross the river to a tiny island named Devil’s Half Acre. It’s a place where Gabriel would explore his imagination and shed some of the day’s more stressful realities.

As a brewery, Half Acre represents that place for all of us to sit with a beer and occupy your mind with the people or ideas that are most important to you. So, what are you waiting for? Go pay them a visit and have a few beers and let the stress of the day slip away!

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