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About- Kyle Buchanan

Kyle Buchanan

Kyle Buchanan

Kyle Buchanan was born on September 15, 1986, in the good ole state of O-H-I-O. Growing up Kyle played soccer. He graduated from Minerva High School in 2005. After transferring colleges a few times, he ended up at Miami University where he obtained his Bachelors Degree in the Science of Nursing. Currently Kyle is employed at Mercy Hospital as an RN in a cardiovascular ICU. Back in the year 2005, Kyle found the love of his life Kelsey Pilati. Though they have been engaged for about 3 years, they do plan on getting hitched in the near future. Kyle’s interest with alcohol started with wine, as his family spent lots of time at wineries drinking wine and playing games. Over the past 2 years, Kyle’s interest in beer has grown tremendously and continuous to learn about and explore the culture of beer.

Posts By Kyle Buchanan

Hoppin’ Frog Brewery | Gangster Frog I.P.A.

July 30, 2014 |

Hoppin’ Frog Brewery  – Gangster Frog I.P.A.

American IPA

7.5%  ABV

55 IBU

Being native to the northeast Ohio region, I have come to realize that there is not always a lot to do. Because of that, I find it almost shameful to say that I have never been to Hoppin’ Frog Brewery. I love going to small breweries (of course drinking the beer is a perk), but I cannot understand how I have passed this place up some many times. Just the other day, all of this was going through my tiny little brain, and then it hit me…..James Taylor concert at Blossom Theater + needing something to eat and drink prior to the concert = Hoppin’ Frog Brewery. Read More

Rivertowne Brewing | Hala Kahiki Pineapple Beer

June 9, 2014 |

Rivertowne Brewing Hala Kahiki Pineapple Beer – 4.8%ABV

Picture this…It is a b-e-a-u-tiful sunny day, let’s say 80 degrees or so, and you are floating down a river on the device … Read More

Rhinegeist Brewery | Citra Tooth Tiger

May 7, 2014 | 1

Rhinegeist Brewery – Citra Tooth Tiger Imperial IPA

9% ABV

95 IBU

Today’s breweres have taken beer, above and beyond being just beer. In some cases this has evolved to near obsession, especially when it involves tracking down a rare brew. Sometimes keeping tabs on these fleeting offerings can be difficult, but the challenge just adds to the overall experience – that is if you can manage to actually land a bottle or two. Another trend that has helped provide a positive impact on the craft beer scene is taking an already great beer and enhancing it with the addition of one or two more ingredients. Yeti Imperial Stout, by Great Divide Brewing Co., is a great example of this – oatmeal, chocolate, espresso, oak aged, barrel aged.

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Sol | Summertime Cerveza

April 15, 2014 | 3

4.5% ABV

Mexican Golden Lager

Craft beer has been my pride and joy over the past year and the beers just keep on coming. The only problem with this is that I find myself only buying craft beers – meaning I hit the title of “beer snob”. This is not an entirely bad thing, but I feel like I am not being fair to all the other beer out there – which is just not cool. Now, I do realize that Sol from Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, S.A. de C.V. is not a typical beer that we would write up on PorchDrinking, but it is one that I personally enjoy, and absolutely love on a hot summer day. Sol, which means sun in Spanish, is a Corona-like beer, but is one that not as many people have learned to love and enjoy. For a brief history click here.

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Fresh From the Bine (Hop Vine) – Ultimate 6er

March 26, 2014 |

When it comes to drinking beer, it is a general consensus that fresh beer is the way to go. I do not feel that this is always true, but for a lot of beer styles, one could argue that it is. Stouts, porters and barrel aged beers in my opinion are the acceptation to this. Think about wine—most red wine ages great, whereas white wine does not age as well. With time, beer and wine both undergo changes. The flavors develop and the aromas alter—sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Over the past few years, I have learned to love the hop and all that it has to offer. In my opinion, hoppy beers are better fresh. So, I decided to find some of the freshest hop forward beers and indulge into hop heaven.

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Winter Warmer by The Brew Kettle (TBK)

February 17, 2014 |

The Brew Kettle – Strongsville, Ohio
Winter Warmer – Spiced Christmas Ale
8% ABV – 24 IBUs

For us Ohioans, it is pretty obvious that this whole “Winter Wonderland” is going nowhere fast. It is February, but our good friend Phil the groundhog decided to bless us with 6 more weeks of cold and snow. Luckily, my good friend Mr. Wolf decided to take matters into his own hands and end this madness. Read More

Great Lakes Brewing | Blackout Stout

January 31, 2014 |

Great Lakes Brewing Co.

Blackout Stout – A Handcrafted Imperial Stout – 9.0% ABV

Picture this—You walk into a local bar and you see Hopslam on Draft, so you decide … Read More

The Brew Kettle – White Rajah India Pale Ale

January 17, 2014 | 2

ABV 6.8%

Although TBK (The Brew Kettle) has been around since 1995, many of you may have not had the privilege of experiencing the brews that this place produces. Located … Read More