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Winter Warmer by The Brew Kettle (TBK)

Winter Warmer

The Brew Kettle – Strongsville, Ohio
Winter Warmer – Spiced Christmas Ale
8% ABV – 24 IBUs

For us Ohioans, it is pretty obvious that this whole “Winter Wonderland” is going nowhere fast. It is February, but our good friend Phil the groundhog decided to bless us with 6 more weeks of cold and snow. Luckily, my good friend Mr. Wolf decided to take matters into his own hands and end this madness.

To deal with the cold, I decided I needed something to warm me up from the inside out. So I made the trek into my frigid lower level and the cold air instantly went straight to my bones. With the chills setting in, I knew I didn’t have a lot time to pick out the perfect brew. I opened up the beer fridge and saw my last Winter Warmer sitting front and center — I grabbed it and headed back to the warmth.

insanity wolf

There are several great winter beers out there, but I would also like to say that they are not for everyone. Having some sort of palate for seasonal spices would be helpful to fully enjoy this style of ale (but feel free to indulge in a glass and give it a try for yourself – this is just a friendly FYI).

Back to the beer! Winter Warmer poured nicely into the snifter. I noted dark colors of amber, honey, and a faint red hue.

Next came the aroma. Instantly I had a flashback and I was sitting at my grandma’s house on Thanksgiving Day. Notes of pumpkin pie, cookies, fig pudding, brown sugar, raisins, and spices filled my nasal passages and brought a smile to my face.

I decided it was time to take my first sip in hope that my nose was not going to let my taste buds down, and back to Grandma’s house I went. Flavors of brown sugar and honey up front, with a hefty amount of fig, raisin, spice, and orange to bring the sweetness down a notch. Or, “A spiced Holiday ale brewed with cinnamon, ginger, orange & lemon peel and a sleigh load of honey” according to TBK Production Works

Stay warm my fellow PorchDrinkers! Enjoy winter while it is here, because it will be gone before you know it!

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