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Christmas Classics | Rahr & Sons Winter Warmer

Christmas Classics | Rahr & Sons Winter Warmer

Winter is here and it’s time to enjoy the best seasonal style around (in my opinion), the Winter Warmer. For this year’s Christmas Classics, I reached out to my Texas beer community via the internet for advice on a great Texas seasonal and I got an overwhelming response to try Rahr & Sons Winter Warmer.

Coming in at 8% ABV, with caramel-colored head and a dark and roasty color, it seems my fellow Texas beer drinkers were right. The first sip imparts unmistakable toffee and chocolate flavors with a slight bitterness to the finish. With notes of dark fruits and a creamy mouthfeel with a slightly dry finish, this is the perfect beer to cozy up to a fireplace on a winter night.

I also reached out to Austin Heisch, Director of Brewing Operations, to find out more about the beer.

PD: What makes this beer the perfect Christmas beer?

Heisch:The heavy malt sweetness and body pairs wonderfully with the heavy flavors of Christmas foods. When it’s cold, this beer will warm you right up and keep out the chill.

PD: What was the inspiration behind the beer?

Heisch: We wanted a beer for the cold weather, and the English old ales with their higher alcohol and bigger, sweeter bodies are the perfect complement for the cooler weather.

PD: What are you currently drinking that’s not one of your beers?

Heisch: Coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

PD: What’s up next for Rahr & Sons?

Heisch: We did an extra-special version of Winter Warmer this year called Drunken Santa that we aged in rum barrels and then added orange peel and mulling spices. The Christmas spices pair perfectly with the malt sweetness, taking all the flavors up to 11.

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