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Mt. Hood Brewing Company: Ice Axe IPA

Mt. Hood Brewing Company: Ice Axe IPA
Philip Joyce

ABV: 5.9%

Mt. Hood Brewing Company brings beautifully crafted beer from the Ice Axe Grill in the shadows of Mt. Hood. Their website states that Ice Axe IPA is their flagship beer. Why would you have anything else be your flagship beer when your home and neighboring states produces the largest quantity and best quality of hops in the US?

Big floral and earthy hop aroma spill from the glass as this beer is poured. If you’re one to be sheepish, don’t let the few floaties in your glass scare you. This is a dry-hopped beer in which hops are added prior to packaging for big hop flavor and aroma. This beer is very clean with only enough specialty malts to produce color. Its light clean flavors escape the palate as quickly as they enter. The tingling on the edge of the tongue resides as this beer has enough bitterness to clean on for dear life. This beer is a beautiful display of the most available beer ingredient in the Pacific Northwest: Hops. If you’re one for flavor and aroma but don’t want a front end loader full of hops and bitterness overpowering the rest of the beer, you will enjoy this brew thoroughly. Tack Ice Axe IPA up in the W column.

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